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All Torah TeachingsVezot HaBracha – This is the blessing – 2010

Vezot HaBracha – This is the blessing – 2010

Vezot HaBracha – This is the blessing 2010 September 22, 2010

 Leah Goldsmith

This is the last parsha of the Torah. It is also the last day of Moshe Rabbeinu’s life. He stands on Har Nevo and Hashem shows him the panorama of the Land of Israel according to the root essence of each tribe in its portion. The field of view the torah described is only five of the tribes: Dan, Naftali, Ephraim, Menashe and Judah. Internalizing into the inner core essence of each of these tribes, Moshe prophesizes the entire stream of Jewish history running its course until the end of days. Rabbi Yitzchak Ginzberg gives a detailed analysis into the spheres of these tribes: 1) Dan- Righteous indignation- like the smoke and fire that burns evil in the world – in a sense- holy anger- on a practical level- the army of the Mashiach (as it says in the prophets that the enemies weapons will burn for 7 years) 2) Naftali- laughter- When Mashiach will be able to include the holy sparks of what was perceived as evil into good. This produces laughter and brings joy to the soul, the joy of the shell being incorporated into the core (like laughing in the face of evil) 3) Ephraim- Marital union- in practical terms- the settling of the Land of Israel as Am Yisrael is considered the land’s husband. Moreover, the Jewish people will procreate, bearing more and more Jews who will live in all parts of the Land of Israel. The picture on the flag of Ephraim was one of a baby. (This growing process is alluded to in the blessings given to Yosef- Mashiach ben Yosef is the physical foundation of Israel in it’s redemptive process in the merit of |Shomer Habrit| Yosef, who guarded the Brit. 4) Menashe- The inner sense of smell – being the Judge, as Mashiach, the true Judge will rule Israel and all the world. The nose and the mouth correspond to Daat, the inner knowledge of the soul – through spiritual smell and taste. 5) Judah- Speech- clarity of leadership as all the new dimensions of the torah are revealed (Mashiach will be outspoken!) – It is said of Moshe that the Shechinah (Divine Presence) speaks through the throat of Moshe. The word of the tongue is called Milah, therefore twinning with the Brit of Yesod (Brit Milah) (The Covenant)

This is the prophecy that Moshe Rabbeinu receives as he is about to leave the world. As he enters the spheres and passes through Yesod and Malchut he KNOWS that he will return as Mashiach to redeem the world and reveal the torah again, making the ultimate and final redemption complete. We are eager to begin again the torah anew after closing it on Sukkot. If we take into our hearts the concepts revealed to us in this torah, then we join the awesome resolution to settling Israel physically, philosophically, and practically at this geula time now. It is time the life force of Am Yisrael actualizes itself. It is one thing to read from the torah, but there no illusions here. Shakespeare once said, such stuff as dreams were made on- For us it is time to LIVE the dream. Every parcel of Eretz Dan, Naftali, Ephraim, Menashe and Judah are sacred. Every inch of the entire land of Israel is fortified by the spirit of Hashem, untouchable to the contrariety and disagreement of the nations, whatever they may say. If we want it to be VeZot HaBracha- This is the blessing- let us bless Israel and activate our righteous indignation- THIS IS NOT A TIME FOR APATHY!!! This is the blessing- let us laugh in the face of evil! This is the blessing- let us settle the land and build it. This is the blessing- let us judge be’zchuyot Am Yisrael. This is the blessing- Open your mouths- say the truth- don’t be afraid of who you are! Share it with the world! This is the blessing- This is the Torah. It is not just a book you pass around. We pray that Malchut will rise into the Keter of torah for a new year full of all of the torahs revealed to us in this parsha and the coming of Mashiach, Amen!

Chag Sukkot Sameyach, Shabbat Shalom Leah Goldsmith

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