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About UsThe Itamar Youth show pride in their flag

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  • JIll

    Leah, Here is another website email i will try and use if it gets through. I was watching the young boys marching with their flags. What time of night was it. At our house right now (summer time) it doesn't get dark til almost 10PM. also, in the US we are not allowed to drag the flags on the ground. If it touches the ground (officially we are to destroy the flags). But i love watching the children get active in their country like that. How are you? we went and visited marks dad for fathers day last weekend (lives 200 miles away on the other side of the mountains in Washington state). We have been studying alot lately and it is so exciting when we learn something new (seems like every day). I heard that they are slowly moving people out of Sderot. That is sad. We had another friend make Aliyah. Hashem is opening our eyes wider and wider each and every day. Many "christian" friends of ours are slowly seeing the light as well. Praise Adonai. We will all be one in Hashem one day. We pray for your safety every day. Shalom

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