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  • Niels

    Thank you for your information Moshe. Yes, we will pray to the Almighty for David’s soon recovery and pray for Rachel and their children that they won’t have any trauma after this. Love Niels ❤️🇮🇱❤️

  • Nechama

    Here is what I wrote on my blog: “ Some might say: “The Supreme Court and the AG (gag, ulgh!) are totally responsible for the latest point blank shooting with a MACHINE GUN into the body and head of another JEW! Because they are trying to “bind the hands” of the National Security Minister bc he is the ONLY ONE that knows how to deal with the terrorists. This was done l’hachis, on purpose to send a message to the inept and impotent security forces under the control of the Police Commissioner and the Defense Minister and the PM and the Shabak and the head of the IDF! Did you all get the message!”

  • Nechama

    Please print the name Jewish names of ALL the injured so we can daven for them. TY Keep the reports coming

  • Nechama

    Since they ordered a closed military zone on the junctions leading to Huwara, there is no reason why a protest could be held at the entrance to all/each Jewish community in the area.

  • Sharleen Wilkens

    Thank you for these updates. Continued prayers for the family who was injured in the attack. Continued prayers for you all as you drive on these highways. 🙏

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