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Special News Report

A short while ago the Itamar bus was shot on in the village of Huwarah. A number of our community residents were on the bus. Eight bullets struck the bus, thank G-d, nobody was hurt since the bus was bulletproof, but damage was done to the bus. Unfortunately, terrorism continues to rage in our area. We will never let terrorism win – nothing will weaken our grip on our homeland. We will continue to build and thrive in the heartland of Israel Amen!


  • Brandee Stacy


  • Nechama

    What was the action taken when you realized the bus was attacked? Did the driver put his foot on the gas to speed away? Was that even possible? Was anyone armed on the bus? Did anyone take a photo of the attacker? Was that possible? Did the driver contact anyone? Did the police/IDF show up? WHAT NOW?? Thank G-D that no one was injured.

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