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Special New Year Appeal Letter תשעו

Friends of Itamar, as the famous passuk(verse) says “Dvarim sheyotzeem mehalev nichnasim lalev!” Things that leave from the heart, enter the heart. Chazal are referring to the tekiyot(sounds) of the shofar which come from the deepest part of the heart and have the power to bring people together. Our friendship has been an impacting one for both sides, us here in Israel and for you tied to Israel through your steadfast commitment that is impacting the redemption coming true in our times! The thread of history that connects you to the heart of Israel and its rich history and legacy makes you a partner in the growth productivity and vitality expanding here on the ground in Israel’s very heartland. We would like to on this auspicious time to give our heartfelt thanks to you for your hearts and your actions for us here on Itamar.

As we gather for the coming of the New Year and the holidays that usher it in here our hearts are full with gratitude. We want to bless you and wish for you and your families a safe, healthy and fruitful New Year of joy and gladness, one of unity and peace. May Hashem give you back all the goodness you do for helping us push forward.

As we need to plow on, many challenges are left ahead and we turn to you at this time to continue to support the many needed projects going on here in agriculture, education, security, children’s special needs, the list is long .We encourage you to bring your friends and family into the loop of support and also to come and see the progress on the ground!

With blessings and wishes for a safe healthy productive and wonderful New Year full of joy and true happiness!

Those interested in helping please press on this link.

Thank you! Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith

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