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  • Vicki Mosley Tolliver

    Love your teaching today..and I want to say a big THANKS...I got a Blessing in the mail the other day ( 2 in fact) after admiring said items in a picture on your site....I was speechless and thrilled! I shared with my friend , and yours for years, Colleen Maas, who moved to N. Dakota! Love you all..praying for Peace! Shabbat Shalom!

  • Missy Martin

    When I talked with my boys about the animal sacrifice, I likened it to a car. This is what He wants, what He likes. He wants a Lexus, you can't give Him a Yugo. He's so specific, it's like the specifications for that Lexus. You can't give Him cloth seats when He wants leather with seat warmers. Anyway, they understood. We don't always know why, we just hear what He likes, and try our best to follow. In following, we show our love. Your teaching on this portion shows a deeper side to what I talked with them about. I will have them watch. Thank you for posting :)

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