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Parashat Vayetzeh 5769

Vayetzeh December 5, 2008 How the house of Israel originated, sprouted forth and gave form to the kingdom of the Jewish people, was a process of refinement. As each Tzaddik was extracted from his generation, he layed the foundations for the embodiment of righteousness and faith that would be the emblem of Beit Ya’akov (the house of Jacob). The first was Avraham, the son of an idol worshiper who was the first to believe in G-d. For his mercy and loving kindness Hashem promised him:”I will give you and your descendants the Land you dwell in- all the Land of Canaan for an eternal heritage.” (Genesis 17:7) Yitzchak, the son of Avraham, who was willing to be offered as a sacrifice, an olah temimah, maintained the faith of his father unlike his brother, Yishmael who had fallen from grace and cast out of the house. Hashem promised him :”And I will fulfill the oath that I promised your father, Avraham.” (genesis 26:3) In this parsha, Hashem promises the Land of Israel to Ya’akov Avinu, the third father on the triad of the Patriarchs. :”I Hashem, the G-d of Abraham and Yitzchak will give you the Land you lie upon I will give to you and your offspring” (Genesis 28). In kabbalah, Ya’akov is on the sphere of Tiferet- beauty and truth (Emet). The Land of Israel could not be conquered and settled until the complete level of Emet was attained. He was detained for 22 years in which most of his house (11 of the 12 tribes) were born and bred. Only when reaching the open doorway of the Land of Israel is his name changed to Israel. The name of the Land then becomes the Land of Israel. Ya’akov’s adventures in Lavan’s house come to a climax when Yosef is born and immediately when this happens he asks to return home to his Land. There, in the Land, he and his now complete house bring to fruition the objective of the fulfillment of prophecy. We continue into the next parsha to elaborate with them in their progress. They have made a noise in the world!!! The question is, do you hear it still ringing? Shabbat Shalom Leah Goldsmith

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