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All Torah TeachingsParashat Balak / Pinchas – “Even though I will walk in the Valley of Death I will Not Fear Evil”

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  • Sharleen Wilkens

    I want to think you for your message today. It was so full of revelation as I was listening and reading. Today as I am growing older and have seen much from my childhood and now in my 74 years of life can see in the Torah how the same spirits of darkness come and steal away. I think of a word also that was given in Devarim 28, the Blessings and curses. Far too long I lived as a child without the word. But now as He has shown me His word through the Torah I have come to see more clearly. Finding my way to Blessings and praising. May the Blessings of the Lord be upon all of you as you all endeavor towards the works of our King, for His Kingdom to come. Thank you again my friend.

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