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Leah's BlogOde to Jodie Anderson – Leah’s Blog April 25 2018

Ode to Jodie Anderson – Leah’s Blog April 25 2018


Dearest Jodie, I’ll start with a story for you because I know how much you loved that.

In 1954 Prime Minister David Ben Gurion took a trip to the United States to meet with President Eisenhower to ask for his assistance and support in the hard hours facing the young and vulnerable State of Israel. In one of their meetings he met with the then Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles who was very skeptical of Americas involvement in return to Zion. Dulles asked Ben Gurion who he was representing exactly as Jews lived in many places like Romania, America, Brazil, Poland, Iraq, Yemen and Russia. He asked if they were all the same and if they all one nation; did they have a common culture and share the same heritage. Ben Gurion answered him with a question. “Look sir,” he said. ” 200 years ago a ship sailed from England called the Mayflower and the people that came off that ship were the first ones to settle what would be the United States of America. Go out to the streets and ask ten young people the name of the ship’s captain, how long the journey took, what they ate, how long the journey took. Chances are – you are not going to get exact answers. Now, as far as your question- over 3,300 years ago the Jews left Egypt. On your travelings as the secretary of State around the world, ask ten young Jewish people who led them out, what they ate and how long it took, finally- where did they go? You will get an answer I’m sure.”

Jodie, your Judeo-Christian heritage was so important to you. You were strongly rooted into the mountains of Israel. You were a woman of truth and you devoted your life to honoring it. Your life was exciting, lively, and at times chaotic I am sure as you managed so many things for bringing lovingkindness to Israel and her people. I think you have impacted literally thousands of people and I was blessed to be one of them. You were inspiring yet very down to earth and innovative. Mostly what I felt in you was that your love had no boundaries. The day the tomb of Josef was burnt to the ground I saw it from Itamar and you heard it from the top of Mount Gerizzim. You said you could not and would not believe it when they told you it was firecrackers. You climbed over barbed wire to get closer to the heart of Israel because those that love Hashem truly know no boundaries. You loved every inch of Israel from the Jordan to the sea and I’m sure much more. Your understanding of it matched my heart and in tumultuous times of war and strife you knew peace and brought peace to those that needed it. You loved the sun drenched hills, the wonderful vineyards and the warm brilliance you can only get here but you were willing to stand in the freezing wind and the mud if you had to, a woman of valor dearest Jodie. The battalions of Deborah were an eye opening event in my life that I will cherish forever.

Jodie you passed away on the Netzach of Netzach – the days we count from Passover to Shavuot are fifty and every day has its own uniqueness. Netzach means overcoming boundaries- how apropos. You overcame your physical boundary now but you are in Gan Eden now with all the angels. Please look out for us from there and know you are also here with us. I will miss your smile, your cuteness, your friendship more than words can say.

Yihee zichreych baruch – Love, Leah


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