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GeneralLeah’s Blog – We can do it! March 30th 2017

Leah’s Blog – We can do it! March 30th 2017


I am leaving Egypt, out of the plague of darkness into the great seder plate of a new reality and it’s happening quickly.

“למען תזכור את יום צאתך מארץ מצרים כל ימי חייך!”

The allegory : A servant works for a slave master for many years. One day, his real parents are revealed to him and also take him out immediately from that house. All at once, he enters his new home – his primordial home – his real home. Now if he goes anywhere he knows his true place and its relevance to his life. He now knows what is really pertinent and in essence, where his mind ,heart, soul and body belong – He’s incorporated a brand new perspective into his life of who he is –and in the exodus out of slavery, has let go of his past limitations. He also found his voice.

As I rush to buy a new tablecloth, kettle, towels, the lists never end – it also feels great to be part of the great exodus, of dumping literally TONS of baggage. I’m throwing out stuff also on another level entirely and thanking Hashem for the opportunity. I’m trying to use my time and energies more affectively and sometimes I have to hold up my hand and put my foot down. The little dishes on the seder plate have a limited space and so do I. I want to focus on each category of my life. First things first- There is home, spouse, family, community, hobby, chesed, work and of course Israel advocacy. The dynamics are real and I play for keeps. “Go ahead”, I tell myself, “you can also say no when something is soaking up your time and it’s not fixing!” The thing about leaving Egypt in haste is that you don’t drag on with things. It’s best to just cut to the point. We can do it!

Same thing for Israel. We are entering a new era, friends. It’s intuitively falling into place right now. For too many years Israel has been the one that focused on mindfulness and consideration but has been chastised despite that. Israel has been condemned just too many times with hardly a word of backing. Israel has been humiliated and hardly a word from all the brain dead slaves living in the task masters house. But that is all changing now. Pesach is a time when you reach the state of mind of not worrying about someone mastering over you. It’s a time of independence, of living the integrity of being a Ben/Bat Melech and saying the truth, of finding your voice and not caring about being politically correct. Deeply rooted in the mindset of the politically correct is a wish not to upset (as the ground literally under us is bubbling over… as terror tunnels are being remodeled at this very moment and new and improved missiles are being fashioned in the aim to destroy Tel Aviv) Our facts on the ground- forget opinions- are seen as biased and even intolerant but true democracy means that allowing freedom for opinions- to say what you want and to say what you don’t want- Politically correct does not mean correct. Now is the time alright to be a lighthouse in a plague of darkness. We can do it! And we have to.

“We are no longer silent! And we are not ashamed of our Judaism!” Danny Danone said this week at the General Assembly Hall at the U.N. this week. Nikki Haley, an awesome shaliach for Am Yisrael was the keynote speaker at this conference that focused on combating BDS and the shameful sanctions that they would like to implement on Israel. We would also like to congratulate and invite David Friedman, the new U.S. ambassador to Israel to come and visit us here in Itamar located in the heart of Eretz Yisrael, Gem of the Hills!! These are all very positive things happening now, Baruch Hashem!

It’s about time we made seder. We can do it!

Every one of us has the power to change, to influence and to impact how the world considers Israel. First remember – you are the son/daughter of the King who took you out of Egypt and redeemed you and gave you a voice. Use it.

Shabbat Shalom! Leah


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