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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog The ninth of Av

Leah’s Blog The ninth of Av

The Ninth of Av- This is the day of our destiny

A time of sorrow, a time of might. This is the day of our destiny. In an atmosphere of mourning, we have done so for two thousand years: crying in exile. Then and now terror grips unto this date. Today the cry of the siren is heard as hundreds of missiles are launched, exploding all over Israel. The hateful contentious tentacles of Iran are poised to bring destruction upon us here. Looking unto history, through the years of our exile as downtrodden Jews suffered at the hands of the Inquisition, with our hands tied with no sovereign land- we wandered the world fully mourning what was and what is.

This is the day Yosef was sold by his brothers.

This is the day the spies brought a bad report about the Land of Israel.

This is the day our two Temples were burnt to the ground.

A day of sackcloth and ashes, a day of fasting and repentance!

Today as we mourn at this time of TEKUMAH, there is a promise that might and strength are restored to us as our land is. Jewish settlement in Israel is the greatest way of safeguarding it from harm. IT IS TIME TO LEAVE THE EXILE OF OUR MINDS. At this auspicious time of the seventeenth anniversary of the expulsion from Gush Katif- the greatest tragedy and mistake of modern Jewish history here in Eretz Yisrael when thriving Jewish communities were destroyed while JIHAD terror bases were set up in their place aimed at destroying Israel- You might be asking- “What can I do at this time?” HOW CAN I HELP? We ask you to join us- in order to ensure that a terror state will NEVER be set up here in the very heart of the Land of Israel.

We are here and we are here to stay.

Located in the “eye” of the tornado- right now as we speak- every s i n g l e passenger plane going into and leaving Ben Gurion international Airport is flying above our house! You can be sure that your kind contribution will go to BUILDING CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE (and NOT building terror tunnels)- You can be sure we are building schools here that teach the LOVE FOR TORAH AND THE LAND (and NOT indoctrinating hate and adversity), You can be sure that every organic farm will adhere to kind to the earth methods of farming (and not burning and destroying the eco system). If you too care about Israel- especially at this critical date – make the everlasting legacy of Eretz Yisrael a safer and more productive fact on the ground by strengthening those who are holding it down- Yishuv Itamar can’t be hard to find on the map of Israel- just point to the very center of the country. Historical and archeological evidence points to it being the center of Jewish civilization in the tribal portion of EFRAYIM. If you too want Efrayim (as well as all the other tribes and segments of am Yisrael scattered through time) to return:

PLEASE GIVE! Friends of Itamar– AHAVAT CHINAM will turn this date into one of healing and building. Jewish pioneering in Israel is the greatest way of safeguarding it from harm. Only a safe and secure heartland will enable a safe and secure Israel.

“עלו נעלה וירשנו אותה כי יכול נוכל לה” THIS IS TIME OF OUR MIGHT! This is the time of our destiny!

May we hear good tidings- Leah Goldsmith

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