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Leah’s Blog – The Crown of Malchut (Kingship)

Leah’s Blog

The crown of Malchut

A person, place and time make up the foundations of a story. When you’re the person that’s placed in that time and that place, with enough plot and theme you’ve got a story to tell. The place we live and the time we live in is not just a personal story, not just “my own” story, but a narrative vital in times like these. Free choice is a realm of this “mundane” world that runs what seems, according to nature. You get what you pay for, but is there a deeper level to our reality, a realm of Providence that had us in this specific place and time? In my personal story, it’s made me who I am, this time and place. It’s made it my mission. Mankind is in one sense at a super advanced level of technology and modernization, yet on another faced with disease and moral bankruptcy that questions at times like these the very platform of our lives. The question arises, can we stand up to the challenges we face and lead the world to truth and light in these times? Can we push against the tides that come crashing down on the truth, so covered in a sense yet so revealed to those that choose to have the eyes to see it. Nitzan Darshan Leitner, the CEO of Shurat HaDin recently quoted George Orwell who so prophetically said, ” As mankind leaves the truth, it will hate those who safeguard it.” This is the story of Zion. The free choice is up to mankind to recognize the light of Zion or to try to put it out. As you can see, no-one remains indifferent.When the United Nations decided on the Partition Plan in November 1947, the military campaign began on Jerusalem. It fell under siege as the Arab Legion and the Jordanian armies pushed through the northern border of Jerusalem where entire neighborhoods were abandoned by Jewish families. Some of those have hit the news now, but in a twisted mention, not politically correct, nor factually. What had been rebranded into Sheikh Jarach or Silwan to name a few of those neighborhoods that were really Simon the Just (Shimon HaTzaddik) and Ir David- all settled by Jews in the late 1800’s and re- invented after the Jews were thrown out and illegal Arab squatters took over. A severe shortage of food, Jewish soldiers and ammunition had Jerusalem’s residents wondering if they would make it through the attack. Many places fell including Gush Etzion and many died in the siege. People don’t know history and history repeats itself, just the people are changed through layers of time. The places remain, the plot thickens. Today, as then, it doesn’t matter if you live in Itamar, Haifa, Jaffa, Givatayim, Lod or Mount Scopus. Hebrew University where a whole staff of liberal professors teach, had their car windows bashed by the marauding masses last night. Lod, where a synagogue was torched last night- just five minutes from Ben Gurion International airport; Many Arabs cannot conceptualize that the Jewish people have returned to her crown. They educate to hate, In Gaza they pay for terror tunnels and missiles instead of even building their own towns. They surround themselves with children- many times their own as they shoot and terrorize the innocent. Their own people are held captive yet Israel bears the blame. Why? The question is – what can WE do about it? There are pawns and there are makers. Here’s where the story takes momentum. Fire bombs and boulders were thrown from the Temple Mount unto peaceful worshippers who came to pray at the Kotel but Psaki calls for both sides to restrain. Hundreds of missiles aimed at Israel and the UN calls for ISRAEL to hold back.The Land and people of Israel are not like any other nation. You can’t remain apathetic to her and you must choose a side. In a rare display of solidarity to Israel, the former POTUS gave us fresh air and hope. In the elections that followed American Jews largely voted left. Now their government will have to decide what to choose in this disaster that came upon us in only four months into the new presidency. American Jews are quickly being brainwashed into apartheid ideas about Israel, how we took the poor Palestinians land (oh it was just SO built up what can I tell you.) American Jews are at a lightning speed leaving masoret (Tradition) and identity and opting to fight battles for minorities who really are majorities. They are demanding universal Tikkun Olam in name only and have fallen off the track of true Tikkun Olam. As they assimilate, we need to illuminate. As they know Duo Lippa we know HaTikvah. The Balflour declaration is not what entitled Israel to Israel but the Torah and Hashem. At the Peal Commission Ben Gurion screamed holding up his bible- ” This is our deed to the Land!”I will not apologize for the true identity of Israel as she morphs from wandering Jew with a stick, with a golden spoon in her mouth that built empires wherever she went and blessed them but was later banished. Time after time, Spain, Germany, and now -we built this land and they want to throw us out. This time though- no can do. Providence will have it otherwise. Prophecy is indeed coming true as Jeremiahs vineyards burn, as Ruth’s wheat fields leave acrid smells that reach Tel Aviv. How do we act in this story!On a mundane level, Israel has no working government. Political stalemates stagnant true responses to attacks. In this blog I bore eyewitness to the bulldozing of the walls surrounding Joshuas Altar, the Hashmonean fortress of Avimelech plowed down, Sebastia looted, and more attacks on our heritage sites like never before with zero response by our government. I have told you about a complete takeover of “area C’ by the funding through the European Union and the direct command of Fahtach, Jihad, and Hamass to cancel our flag dance in Jerusalem on Jerusalem day! We folded, they won. The families of “Shiekh Jarach” that finally won their case to return to their rightful properties were told not to provoke and wait on re- entering. In a humiliating bowing to the instructions of Hamass and constricting of our sovereign right, we were kicked in the face as rockets nevertheless did not distinguish between Itamar and Lod.

On the Torah time-frame, we approach the holiday of Shavuot. This is the time represented by Malchut when the bride wears the crown, the time of King David and the story of Ruth. This is time we read about a righteous gentile who chose to stand with Israel. We read about the canopy of the wedding between Hashem and Israel. As we approach Malchut and the inner essence of King David, the ultimate warrior perspective of the war of our enemies roaring as the horn of oil pours over our heads- you me, how you fight this war comes into play. This is the time we stood as “One man with one heart”. There is only one Israel and I hope Anthony Blinken realizes this as he is reading the portions of the Torah that stress Shechem Chevron and Jerusalem as the vertebrae. One man with one heart – we don’t differentiate between Itamar and Givatayim or Chevron from Raanana. These are not “territories”, but they are the HEART OF ISRAEL! Our enemies don’t know the difference. You shouldn’t either. We are one man with one heart. First recognize us, then do something about it. The time is ripe but the wheat is burning.What will you do about it.

Friends of Itamar is a 501c3 that has been safeguarding the heart of Israel.

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Chag Kasher Vesameyach xoxoxoxoxox Leah

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