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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Sukkoth 2019

Leah’s Blog Sukkoth 2019

Leah’s blog – Sukkot – 2019 Sometimes you need also an anchor when you build the sukkah. Its needs to be a secure station even though it is temporary, so that if any storm wind comes, it can stand up to it. Last night a friend of mine that lives on Itamar but further east on the really rural hilltops called me to tell me about her friend’s sukkah that just blew up into the air and a way into the clouds and poof carried far away. I imagined Dorothy in that house flying through the air.The thunder and lightening didn’t take long to come and it blew above our heads, no it roared, knocking out power with claps and rumbles and sprinkling a bit of rain finally. The tumultuous weather had me wondering how many sukkot had been blown away on just the second night of the Chag. It had me thinking about the olive trees laden with ripe juicy fruit and if I would find them on the tree or on the ground this morning. Sukkot is an agricultural holiday, a time we gather the harvest, a time we pray and celebrate the coming rains. So, this storm in a way is typical of the clashing of the long drawn out seemingly never ending hot and dry summer with the cool winds of change. The sukkah has to accommodate that. Our festivals have a tremendous earth and life celebration and they are cyclical. Pesach – the birth and infancy of our nation at the Dawn of Spring. Shavuot – our taking upon the yoke of Torah and sanctifying that special time as an entire nation experienced the Divine word, marking our adolescence. Sukkot- A holiday glorified at the onset of Autumn and acknowledgment of just how vulnerable we are but nevertheless protected and at our closest intimate moment with Hashem. It is a golden time. Our durability and endurance, our lastingness is revealed through the cycle of life in many spheres. We are blessed with new fruit, new generations are born. The ones that maintained an anchor in the sukkah against all the winds of change that ever blew from the times of Greece until today are the ones that celebrate Sukkot and know that Hashem indeed raises the fallen sukkah. Amen! To all of our precious friends- Chag Sameyach!

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