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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Shavuot – 2024

Leah’s Blog – Shavuot – 2024

Shavuot – 2024

The tawny rolling fields of wheat and barley that surround Bethlehem ripple in the June breeze. They slope downwards, east, to the Jordan River where they face Moav, the place of the journey of Rut and Naomi, the inseparable pair. Climbing up and into Israel, they ascended into this territory of Judah; our story unfolds. Coming penniless into the bread basket of Israel, the theme of Shavuot – the time we examine the challenges of -“what is lovingkindness”; “How do we perform acts of care” and “to whom and where is chesed done?” come into light. It’s all about relationships. In the Megilat Rut story, a soft spot on the threshing floor in Bethlehem is the vivid scene of wedlock. Rut had ignited a tale we remember now, it leading up to progeny that would worship Hashem at a later date on the threshing floor of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. King David is born here in Bethlehem. Shavuot is all about the final destination after a long trek. It is a story of two people- Rut and Boaz; it is a story of the two showbreads- inseparable as they are offered in a thanksgiving sacrifice on Shavuot. It is a story of pairs.

We sow and we reap.

Beit Lechem – The House of Bread

In a show of gratitude and recognition to Hashem’s wondrous goodness, we come adorned in flowers and procession, laden with the bounty of the land in our baskets, our first fruits, remembering how it all began. We say -” My father was a wanderer- almost destroyed by Lavan……” We made it back across the Jordan home. We Jews come from humble beginnings and look at the zenith moment of this event- a holiday of Thanksgiving. You, Hashem have brought me into this land and blessed me with this abundance. Our efforts are one component in the fruits of our labor. Divine Providence is the match. These two connect and mold into the manifestation of Israel – her people, her Land and blessings- oh so many blessings.

The world today can see Israel as a super power – those that bless her will be blessed. Acknowledging Israel’s people in her Promised Land intended specifically for her is an integral aspect of faith in G-d, beginning with us. Blessings sprout from here.

The showbreads cannot be offered outside of Israel.

We are the first fruits. We are the wheat of Yosef’s dream: “”קם וניצב (and my wheat shaft stood straight up). Shavuot is a time we wear white, our bridal apparel. It is a time we say “We will do and we will listen”. It is a time we remember as having left a place and soon we march into a new one Hashem has chosen for us. It is now that we take our marital vows. Bride and groom- now, go on to build your home!

This is the holiday of Matan Torah, the ketubah, our marriage contract.

It has been a long journey for Am Yisrael to reach this point in time. We have left the old world behind, reaching our destiny in rebirth, one man with one heart. We have crossed this Jordan. Chag Sameyach!

THIS BLOG IS BEING DEDICATED TO THE MEMORY OF ARNON  ZMORAH , the brave special forces soldier who enabled four precious hostages to come home and gave his life doing so. Hashem yikom damo! Gibor Yisrael.

Chag Sameyach dearest friends! Xoxoxoxox, Blessings- Leah

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  • Martina

    Chag Sameyach! Thank you for your words full of hope dear Leah ❤️🇮🇱❤️

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