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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Sep 20 2019

Leah’s Blog Sep 20 2019

Why are we commanded to review the Torah again and again – every year- all year round? What is Hashem trying to reiterate through the generations of time, in Providence so that each and every portion fits the mode of that week and that era for our specific time – all through time. There is a cyclical pattern that develops and becomes ripe for the perfect hour; if we can only take in the hints and use them as tools to build a world of blessing. The portion of our week takes me to what I always say, the front seat of the bleachers. As I face the mountains of the Blessing and the Curse, a new level of history takes form as we recall the Covenant made on these two mountains as we journeyed past the Jordan and came into the heart of the Land of Israel thousands of years ago. The ceremony of this covenant had us remembering an event that took place forty years prior to even that at Sinai. You bless and you will be blessed. You curse and you will be cursed. It’s as simple as that. Follow the Torah. As you are about to enter the Land and move forward, to the next year though, it is imperative that you reflect on how it all started. The paradigm- the book of Genesis. Even before the stories of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs that came to this Land ,everlasting covenants were made with them even before the exile to Egypt. This was the foundation stone. But the primordial covenant was made with Adam and Eve. They were told to guard and keep the garden, nevertheless, there was a snake there in that birth of the world. The tikkun- return to the garden. Fix the exile. Choose the blessing, not the curse. Abraham and Sarah did that. The snake is a suave talker, convincing.. There is one in every scenario- even as Amalek tried to destroy Israel at its inception. The shofar blasts at the start of the year reminding us that it is SOS. As you are about to enter this realm, take heed. You can never attempt to know more than Hashem but if you follow what He is guiding you, to guard it and keep it, you can only live a life of blessing come hell or high water! Lord we know how Abraham was tried! The Torahs entire message is about humans who are tried all the time! But in His great love for us- the remedy is always there- drink from the fountain of life! Just open your eyes! Lots of people have been asking me about the elections here. In the bigger scheme of things, we are a tiny country exploding in population, sure in our footsteps, thriving and kicking. But a snake slithers in the garden as the sweat pours down our brow trying to guard and keep it. Iran’s proxy militias stand aiming at us from the north and in the south. In the heartland here- a terror state that has been nurtured by those who listened to the snake who think they know better than Hashem. Elections are a luxury to talk about! I wish we could only talk politics! We are living in a story that happened long ago but the only way to move on to the next phase is to know Ki Tavo. We are all spectators at this event. You may be in the seating area, or the standing area, there are stairways that lead you to where you need to position yourself. Choose the blessing! It is no less than a miracle that I am writing this blog from where I can actually see the Blessing and the Curse! Shana Tova Umetukah ! Chatimah Tova!


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