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Leah’s Blog Rosh Hashana 2022



Dusky red grapes still cling on the vine as Tomer and Meytal complete their ritual to the last plonk. Volunteers of all ages have been plucking and pulling the final sun ripened fruit with them. The air is beginning to feel crisp. Tomer says, “The fact is, all of this goodness is the true product of prophecy in our crazy times. We could not have done it without you.” Sabbatical year is ending in just a few days. Our farmers here on Itamar have turned the landscape from grey to green, toiling in returning to roots with much sweat of the brow. These are people that dare to stand up to hard tests in bringing true peace and answering Hashem’s wish to walk with the vision- come what may! These are the mountains our forefathers walked and lived on! Nothing could be more real. Looking back on this past year and all the blessings we have received during these difficult times, this is the fruit of your labor too. ISRAEL IS REVIVED!

Inspired by our love of Torah and the Land of Israel, Friends of Itamar represents an ideology that mirrors these very mountains located in the heart of Israel. It is the steadfast genuine devotion to ideals that calls us to be dedicated to pro action. We have extreme challenges here in holding down this land, in securing its integrity, in securing against encroachment and theft, in thwarting terrorism and in maintaining the momentum of building up here against the odds. We have huge accomplishments on the ground, this is in YOUR merit as well. For all of you who stand with us and support Friends of Itamar, Thank you! We believe in our cause and are so proud of what we have done over this past year with you.  Making progress, we recently built a Visitors Center, I’m happy to report it’s a beauty. This is a place with a heart from the heart of Israel- we have great plans for this special place. We want to make a film to be able to show visitors the history of Judea Samaria. The interior still has not been done, we still have work to do on it as well as planting a garden around it as Sabbatical year ends now. We have been blessed to have donors contribute to the Educational Campus here on Itamar – a huge project funded by the Israeli government and people that believe in schooling and rearing a new generation of lovers of Eretz Yisrael. Here on Itamar the implanting and instilling of enlightening core inspiring ideals is the vanguard of quality forefront education in Israel. Dedications are still available.

A project close to my heart that we miraculously completed is a clothing gmahch center renovated and expanded in order to accommodate the growing number of people that live here. It has become increasingly dangerous on the roads that lead to our community- at times we are locked down completely. This project was single handedly donated by dear friends, Keees and Tinekeh who saw the need for a place people could shop in dignity and for a fair price in a beautiful fine ambience. The plan is to also make it become a social place where we can sit down and even have a cup of coffee, not feeling the need to travel out. THANK YOU FOR SPOILING US! Special thanks to Nachamu Ami and Yad Leah who have been working with Friends of Itamar insuring the people here never lack anything to wear and also put an emphasis on new or high quality clothing. This has impacted our community greatly in so positive a way- I can say for myself that I feel incredibly indulged and it feels great. Thank you so much!

Friends of Itamar has been working on infrastructure here, making the roads easier and safer to drive on and helping out in a plethora of other chesed projects. This goes without saying that our freedom and surveillance sturdiness depends on higher levels of technology we need to purchase to maintain our safety. Our WeWork Center is thriving with the need to expand. We delivered thousands of packages of food over the year to families in need as well as through the Matzoh Fund all over Samaria for Passover. The list is long of endless things we do and still need to do and we still have so much to do in preparing for Geulah! Rosh Hashana here marks a new time for continued planting and reaping. Establishing God’s kingdom requires a lot of work. Itamar is a self- sustaining community yet the challenges it faces require assistance as well. We turn to you now as doing Tzeddakah is on the front page of the New Year. Your chesed sweetens our lives. שנה טובה ומתוקה

From here we want to wish you a very sweet and happy New Year. We should hear GOOD NEWS and feel thanksgiving always as we approach the Day of Judgement. Thank you for supporting us, impacting our lives with so much love and bringing dignity to a terror struck community. When we hear the shofar this year we will be holding you close to us.

Blessings- Shabbat Shalom and Shana Tova!, Leah



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  • Sharleen Wilkens

    Thank you for bringing us to the forefront of what all that has been taking place there and showing us the land of our King throughout the year. It has surely been a blessing not only for myself but I am sure for the many. One day I know I will visit again. Shalom aleichem, Sharleen

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