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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Purim 2024

Leah’s Blog – Purim 2024

Leah’s Blog – Purim – The Theater of the Absurd 2024

A barrage of missiles hits the northern border here in Israel now. The burnt bloody houses of the kibbutzim in the south are washed now in the heavy rain, yet Purim is nearing and we are commanded to celebrate. Every family, every home is preparing their costumes and the treats they will send to honor Purim. Children especially anticipate the joyous day. For us here in Itamar, it will always conjure up a bitter sweet time- the Fogel Massacre- HY”D thirteen years later….But we are commanded to make a beautiful Purim no matter what.

Purim should BE a fun, fun time. Megillas, shalahch manote and we drink some wine- trah lah lah lah lah lah. In the opening chapter of the story of Purim we read about the theater of the absurd. Only some seventy years had passed since the destruction of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, King Achashverosh celebrated it’s destruction also thinking that “Hashem Himself was defeated” being that the Temple had not been rebuilt. The lavish banquet of six months continued, boasting the beautiful vessels of our Temple – used in the wine orgies. The detailed finery we have been reading about in the Tabernacle was all displayed there in the courtyard. Some Jews, skin deep, assimilated and glorifying in their new identities, took part in the king’s party. They had pleasure, felt elevated, honored and happy to collaborate with the theme of the celebration- “The people of Israel are severed from the Promised Land and from G-d.” What prestige as they negated their Jewishness! You may ask- how can such a thing be- Jews really did take part in this theater of the absurd, they took the side of the enemy?

The answer is YES. Am I conjuring up thoughts about today now?

As if we need a reminder, this coming Shabbat, all of Am Yisrael will be reading what Amalek did to us when we left Egypt: “Remember what Amalek did to you on your journey, after you left Egypt, how undeterred by fear of G-d, he surprised you on the march when you were famished and weary, cutting down the stragglers in the rear. Therefore, when G-d grants you safety from all your enemies around you, in the Land that your G-d is giving you as an inheritance- you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven! Do not forget!” Amalek does not care what political party you belong to, if you are observant in mitzvoth, what your skin color is or where you live. In Germany Jews were hunted down from the most intermixed acculturated families. Amalek feeds off of weakness and submission.

This theme constantly repeats itself through the thousands of years we have endured. Purim is approaching as the world turns and events seem to echo what was and what is. The Persian Empire seeks to destroy us THEN AND NOW, for now using its proxies that have situated themselves on our borders and even within us here in the very heart of Israel. Trying to prevent the inevitable restoration of our Land our enemies encroach with bombs, missiles, guns and knives- yet- there are those who seek to collaborate with them and wish to implode our very heartland, not a stone’s throw from Tel Aviv, Afula, and Kfar Saba.

Purim is a time we re-define who we are, whose side we are on. Like in any good story, the protagonist (Am Yisrael) has to deal with a crisis, make a decision, overcome obstacles as the riveting story of the Megilah takes us through all of these scenes, in and out of sub plots of the wicked antagonist Haman, Mordechai (who does NOT capitulate) and Queen Ester (whose beauty went beneath the surface) who call out in Jewish Pride and do not bend, and finally the end result- Am Yisrael is saved.

Purim gives us a chance to embrace our identity, to look in the mirror as we take off our masks at the end of the day. Israel has suffered an unprovoked horrific attack, the worst since the holocaust. Amalek seeks to destroy us when we are not who we are supposed to be- Jews connected to our Land, to our Temple and to each other. WE WILL NOT BEND to world pressure but destroy our enemies to their very foundations. ISRAEL STANDS STRONG.

Please consider Friends of Itamar a charity worthy of your half shekel offering.

Purim Sameyach dear Friends of Itamar, our family. Shabbat Shalom! Leah


  • Diana Brown

    You spoke with truth and clarity. The people against G-d gather in the UN as Amalek Inc. but the Messiah will fix all that. Until then, we stand with as prisoners of a Hope that will not fail. Happy Purim!

  • Rachal

    We should see miracles beyond our wildest dreams. Amelek should be wiped off the face of the earth speedily in our time.

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