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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Purim 2023

Leah’s Blog – Purim 2023

Leah’s Blog – Purim- March 2023

An astoundingly large grandiose and fortified wall- “The wall of the King” surrounded the castle of the Emperor of Persia. Here, when you got inside it, closer to the palace, you would see all the ministers and officers that managed the court. Instructions were written out on parchments (megillahs) and read to the public- the news traveling fast on horse to the 127 provinces ruled by Achashverosh as the gate was opened and the riders galloped at full speed to multiple destinations. The foundations of the palace were poured twenty meters down under the earth and rock providing a sturdy piece of evidence for archeologists thousands of years later. Cedar wood from Lebanon, gold from Turkey, silver from Egypt, ivory from India and Ethiopia, luxurious tapestries decorated the walls, statues of Persian monarchy embellished every hall and stairwell here. Wealth poured, wine poured, in this kingdom that stood during the time of Israel’s first exile. There were many people assembled as the king wore his crown, scepter in hand- the insignia of royal rule. Looking down from the forth story porch, his view of the feast that went on for 180 days included that of Jews mingling with the masses, eating and drinking from the beautiful stolen vessels of the Temple. It pleased the king greatly. Khuzestan Province, Iran – 486-465 BC.

We are commanded to know this story of Ester. How she was brought here, how the maidens soaked in myrrh for months, how the harems did not prevent her from being the influencing force in saving the Jews from disaster. All the little innuendoes of the megillah we review year after year and we even have a little feast of our own. It is our obligation to remember. Mordechai did not bow down, there were those who condemned him for it saying it would kindle the wrath of the “goyim”. From beautiful garments described almost identically to those of our Kohanim, there are many parallels here. The first silence of Ester – as the call, so the echo. We are commanded to hear Parshat Zachor- “Remember what Amalek did to you on the way….” From the time we became a nation till this very day Amalek has been on a mission, as Haman was, to destroy us. It is officially winter but it is hot here in Israel now. I was just telling someone, I feel that don’t need to hear Parshat Zachor, I live it. Iran and its proxies- 2023.

I had the privilege of Walking down to the Kotel this Shabbat, the massive remnant wall of our Temple shining in the afternoon light had a peace that only Jerusalem of gold could have you know – thank you Hashem for this opportunity. Looking up, two doves garnished the crevice between the stones above me. This is my time to say Thank you Hashem. King of Kings, master of the world, thank you for this chance to stand before your holy palace- what I thank you for in awareness is zero to what I should thank you for. Thank you for helping me, for supporting me, for saving me, for bringing me joy, for healing me, for guarding me, for encouraging me, thank you for always being with me. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a pipeline of bounty to those in need, thank you for enabling me to meet such amazing righteous people who truly have a heart for Israel. This is a time of thanksgiving. Thank you for enabling our family tree to grow and sprout forth new branches. “Ribbono shel Olam”- who goes to pray at Achashverosh’s outer wall and who comes to pray here? From all walks of life I see people come to be blessed by the true Master of the universe. Our thoughts and prayers turn east.

At this time, I would like to reach out to all our friends to please try and get their friends and family involved in Friends of Itamar in memory of the half shekel as we remember our Temple and prepare the way for it. Now more than ever, the conviction to hold on to our heartland and build it as promised in the prophets must be fulfilled. Wishing you a very happy Purim- with love, appreciation and blessings- may we hear good tidings!

Happy Purim Leah!



  • Nechama

    Thank you Leah, much love to you.

  • Sharleen

    Thank you Leah. Thank you and your people for rebuilding up the Land of our King. Blessings and Shalom

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