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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Pesach Sheni 2024

Leah’s Blog – Pesach Sheni 2024

Leah’s Blog – Pesach Sheini – A second chance -2024

Pesach Sheini is the only time you can actually accomplish the mitzvah of a time bound holiday at a later date. Pesach is one of three holidays that we travel to Jerusalem in order to bring offerings in the Temple, remembering the exodus from subjugation in Egypt and pulling away from the evil that resided there. It is a kind of “jumping out” of exile- a significant theme in Judaism that we remember on a daily basis. There are many reasons why a person might not be able to go on the pilgrimage in the designated time of Nissan whether they are after birth, spiritually unclean, or held back home at that time.

Iyar ushers in a new chance.

The contrast between Nissan and Iyar is revealing. While the exodus is a cut and clear event- what happens after it is evolving, like the counting of the Omer. Each day we “jump higher” as we morph, change and refine. It’s a process. At first, we are safely out of Egypt- what now? A progression of “tikkun” kicks in, in witnessing Hashem’s great miracles as we approach the time of Matan Torah (the giving of the Torah on Sinai). Leaving the idea of סור מרע (leaving the abominable) we come close to ) עשה טוב do good). Egypt is a place of limitation (Mitzrayim)- now the limits are unlocked and we begin to overcome obstacles. We are finally able to DO. Doing and feeling are new things that bring us to an even higher level than just leaving evil.

Recognizing the manifestation of Hashem in this world is probably the greatest thing that stands out today with world events that surround Israel as a people nation and place today. Hashem is giving another chance to not just leave evil but to feel and do something about it. This is what Pesach Sheini is all about. It’s about the power of another chance. It means that nothing is holding you back- not even your past. If Oslo pushed an evil plan on Eretz Yisrael, it could have been revoked, but it was not. Evil really means that there is a false sense of separation from Hashem, that nations think they can decide destinies, bent on making us in turn e feel insecure and fear- THAT IS EVIL.

Pesach Sheini goes on to establish a strengthening of our identity – as we strive for refinement and assessment in how I view this happening now as the world is being given a second chance- that I am being given a second chance- Ein Ode Milvado! The world is one of Godliness. There is no other holiday like this- at this auspicious time that nations are blatantly attacking Israel and G-d – WE HOLD UNTO INFINITE POSITIVITY as Israel will stand like Noah’s ark when the sea rises. Israel, a lighthouse- more and more light will shine even brighter in this darkness.

Our Rabbis compare Nissan and Iyyar like digging for coal or pearls. We dig for coal deep in the earth in order to kindle and make energy. We dig for pearls for the pure intent to beautify. We are leaving our sooty state and changing our garments on Pesach Sheini- in being given another chance we wear His Majesty!

Blessings to all our dear FRIENDS xoxooxoxox, Leah


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