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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Parashat Yitro 2023

Leah’s Blog Parashat Yitro 2023

Yitro-   Love your neighbor as you love yourself -February 2023

I’ve been drinking way too much coffee these days. It calms my jittery nerves though as the world collapses; sounds like an oxymoron right? But this is all organized chaos clearly for the most part anyway. Terror attacks, violent demonstrations, what is up with that! And that! Wow- it’s not enough that catastrophic earthquakes rumble the world- as well as here??? People seek out cryptic writings and delve into hypothetical hypothesis for why the world is so upside down. The simple truth is – going back to the first set of statues given to man is really all we need, the Ten Commandments.  Five about your relationship with Hashem, five about your relationships. This pasha comes around once a year to remind us- do we adhere to universal post modernism that leaves “mussar” open to translation, identity according to what whim we feel, to how to live- or do we heed and follow our core clearly G-d given advice on how to live. What is up with the world Does it have a conscious?? Where did you think this earthquake happened on the floor of this house! Did you call it Israel, or somewhere else? East of Ariel, you mean between the Jordan and the sea- which would be…..em….. What is up with that? Did you know that mosaics have been falling off the dome of the rock- which is…. Em…. According to UNESCO- this is an arab heritage site with no prior history. Yes, I’m talking about Har Habayit where our Temples stood.

I read a review of a new book that came out by someone that claimed to have expertise about the Jewish people. He classifies us as, “A people of the book- not of a geographical place”. What is up with that? The Torah says: DO NOT COVET. Hey- Mr. you have the whole world- leave Israel to Israel. When rescue teams and the IDF left for turkey as the first emergency crews and saved the most lives this week- why was it barely mentioned? Israel was taught to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF- we, being the archetype for this rule of thumb. Pagans and idol worshippers were painting themselves blue as we marched through the desert with the CODE OF LAWS. Replacement theology has those who try to steal our religion, and those who try to steal our land. THOU SHALL NOT STEAL. Don’t steal minds with NYT lies about our little but great Land.

The Torah condensed into the Ten Commandments has all you need to know about yin and yang way before the Chinese dynasties in the teachings of Feng Shui and yada yada. The Mountain of the Blessing and the Mountain of the Curse- the first place in the Land of Israel the Torah was read and plastered onto rock in seventy languages for the seventy nations-Not making graven images like the rest of the world- we were chiseling mussar for the world to know. Keep the Torah- you will be blessed- Violate it- you will be cursed. This is for MY PEOPLE but translate it for the world- this is the universal axis the world turns on. Violate it- there will be chaos. This very Land IS the cryptic code- HONOR THY FATHER AND THY MOTHER- Thomas Friedman! Your great, great grandparents are buried in Shechem and Chevron, the places they were promised by Hashem and even bought! They meet in Yerushalayim! See the map! Is this Israel- or another place? What is up with that? There is a remnant of the universe that stand with us. They feel the beating of the heart of Israel- they DO NOT TAKE THE NAME OF GOD IN VAIN, they love us as they love themselves- despite the ruch of lava pouring out of the mouth of the sitra ahcharah! Our holy sages foretold that at the end of days what is up will be down and what is down will be up (Massechet Sanhedrin). These mountains may tumble down but the word of Hashem is our rock.

Shabbat Shalom!


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