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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Parashat Yitro 2021

Leah’s Blog Parashat Yitro 2021

Bitya, I saw you at Sinai. It was more like, I saw your silhouette, white on black in a clap of thunder. You were surrounded by a gilded cloud of bronze as the mount surrounded us all. Daughter of Hashem, He became your Father before you heard the fifth commandment. Even before the frogs came, the warm red waters of the Nile became your birthing stool as you tucked away the redeemer into your private chamber. I hear you, “SHHHHHHA”, I can hear your lullaby echoing on Sinai. Your real father is not of flesh. You delivered our lives from death. Bitya you live in us.

I saw you at Sinai, Rachav. Make no confession, not even a whisper. I recognize the contour of your shape and shadow as glory adorns your head. You were wearing white as the silver trumpet calls crashed the idols of BAAL. I hear your voice on the roof, watchwoman of the wall. Hashem became your father then in that Canaanite world of defilement and you became undamaged. Even before you unlocked the gate, you knew the fifth commandment. Concealing the scouts of the land. “Swear to me that you will save my father’s house alive.” Your sons heed your command forever. Rachav, you hold the token key- seven times we encircle. You delivered our lives from death.

I saw a portrait of you on Sinai, Mrs Sagan. You step out of a black and white movie surrounded by infinite light. You honored my father; you honored the Father. The floorboards creaked in your home at the feet of evil demons as they stomped neatly and savagely above my hidden father in your cellar. Your silence is golden, your unflinching face teaches that what you do is what matters, not what you say. What makes a person risk her life for a person they don’t know. Mrs Sagan, you stand on Sinai surrounded by six million white desert lilies, the backdrop a wilderness. A higher good surrounds you, embellishes your soul. You know the fifth commandment. You delivered our lives from death.

“Honor your father and your mother so that you may live long in the Land that Hashem your G-d has given you!”

My sisters- I saw you at Sinai. Your neshama, ruach and nefesh revealed to me. I know and love you.- בזכות נשים צדקניות נגאלנו ממצרים  Thank you HASHEM!

Shabbat shalom, Leah


  • Terry Haney

    Wow. This one was inspired - I can tell.

  • Desiree Reeves

    Beautiful Leah, thank you for this heart of hearts message. Their is such a yearning in my heart to know HaShem and His ways rightly and not to be filled with the “Christianity” I have learned most of my life. This is so beautiful. It’s difficult letting go of my Greco-western mindset but, I am on this beautiful Journey and you help me a lot as I read your blogs. Avenu Malcanu bless you and keep you and I love you too. Xoxoxoxox

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