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Leah’s Blog – Parashat Terumah

Parshat Terumah – THE RESCUE OPERATION- February 2024

On a hill here tucked behind a mountain, my friend Orna is weaving the curtains for the Third Temple. Inconspicuous as they come, she prepares crimson and purple threads of linen. The wind moans through the window, it is cozy in this treasure house. She opens a little drawer and shows me newly minted coins for the Temple. It’s the hidden things that are yet to shine their light. At this time when everyone publicizes – perhaps precisely now, the most secret things await for a time coming, not revealed yet. Like the Special Forces soldiers who released the hostages yesterday; we will never know who they are. The first thing they did in “Operation Golden Hand” was to take off their own shoes to give to the captives, who in army jargon were coined “the Diamonds”. The fierce soldiers asked kindly if they want nourishment- “to eat? To drink?” Gentle, respectful, then run out shoeless to fight evil. Veiled by fire walls, shrouded in gear, they fight the wars of Malchut, not known to us. Like the cherubs- our soldiers are our covering- they are the beautiful human shields, halos of gold. Super heroes- clear the way for these Jewish warriors of King David. Paving the way to justice in our fight to survive, there are intensities of revelation this nation is experiencing here in Israel, now in this war. Some choose to light the spark, some have been arisen not by any choice of their own. The spirit that has been under wraps for so long reaches out now. We want to know the hidden things.


Terumah is all about what we do, our contribution. The inner chambers of the Mishkan blend nourishment of the showbreads that face the spirit lights of the Menorah. “The lamps shall be set up to give light to the space in front of it.” The perfect mix of material items that raise us to spiritual heights. The cherubs couple in peace and friendship, guarding just as at the entrance to Gan Eden. “ופניהם איש על אחיו- Avoda in the Mishkan is about relationships. The connection of shamayim vaAretz, the linkage of you to this pan of incense- ahh the myrrh, the frankincense, the whiff of cloud. Things shine here; it’s a place you encounter, even the little rings of the tent covers- golden, they too face each other, illuminating. Not bound to time- the Ner Tamid glows here, always- even now- in every synagogue of the world.

We don’t know where our menorah is, where our ark is or any of the Temple vessels. Some say they are in Rome, some say under the Temple Mount, some say in Qumran. They were seized; they were stored away. Somewhere. We must rescue them. We were lost as well, only we forgot that we too were taken hostage. In every synagogue of the world ask to bring them home- the vessels, the hostages, Am Yisrael. Our Temple is being held hostage. The same captors of today are holding them both. This is an attack on goodness and restoration. The fusion of the people and land of Israel will bring forth celebration as something is rescued, as someone is rescued. What is our contribution? Restore our shining home.

“May it be Your will that the Temple be speedily rebuilt in our own time!”

Shabbat Shalom! Leah


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  • Rachal

    I suppose this piece is so otherworldly for me it is hard to conceptualize it. I sit now near the Northern coast of Israel listening to the Thunder and Lightning. Boom! the sky lights up. Is this the war with Lebanon firing up now. We are living during such auspicious times. The fighter jets fill the skies and our land is going boom boom boom. Waiting for the sun to shine down on us.

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