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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Parashat Korach 2022

Leah’s Blog Parashat Korach 2022

Leah’s Blog Korach   2022

Pride and Prejudice

It was in the summer of 1986, the end of a year of searching for a hilltop in Judea Samaria while living in an absorption center in Jerusalem that had us unpacking our modest belongings into a prefab into what would become Itamar. Wearing an Israeli flag literally, we came to Israel with high dreams as the first intifada was about to come crashing down on us. It was hard to believe people in Israel did not want their heartland, let alone have a strong political platform for its dismantling before it was even assembled. The mindset created stress in “Israel proper” and antagonism towards to the ones zealous enough for Zion to move out to a bald hilltop and was real. “You are doomed” they chanted in various forms of the phrase while an Arab uprising was spurred on by this enthusiasm for suicide. We were eventually blamed for being the obstacles to peace and that diplomatic failures were “our fault”. But we knew had to relax, we knew Hashem was and is in control. We were subsequently humiliated by near and far, peoples bias being shaped by the media- the mouth piece of the sitrah ahchrah. Magnifying the few faults and minimizing the positive move to redeem G-d’s land that incidentally had been FALLOW AND EMPTY- not plowed in thousands of years: egos were built on our necks; people raised high for efforts for “peace”. When u come to Israel you will see their names on every bridge, road, hospital and school. The slaughter was astounding as thousands of people were murdered in terror attacks and called “sacrifices for peace”. No facts were presented accurately – in fact the truth was hidden and the EGO was crowned.  The emptiness of this twisted ideology reached a climax when thriving towns in the northern Samaria region and the Gaza Strip were demolished in 2005- eventually turned into missile launching bases for targeting Tel Aviv. The senselessness of it reached the psyche of most Israelis when those missiles were shot at the Azrieli Towers.

Thirty six years have passed since that DAY THAT WE ARRIVED ON THE SCENE TO TAKE PART IN A HISTORICAL EVENT LIKE NON OTHER. The heartland of Israel, despite these horrific setbacks began to spring to life and have blossomed. Side by side in humble head down conviction, we planted. We built, but they built (the PLO)- mostly in funding from your tax dollars and from the European Union. The governments of the world called for there to be a freeze on Jewish building yet poured millions into the Arab takeover of state land. It was and is evident that the corruption of our leaders created this monster. Here in Israel people do not need to be convinced about what kind of government we need. This last one that is dissolving, Baruch Hashem, had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and other terror organizations, all for PERSONAL PRIDE and POSITION OF POWER AND PRESTIGE. There is a majority of people here in Israel who feel despair at this state of deceit, in the LACK of personal safety, in realms of justice, economic stability and national durability. The dishonesty has clarified for all and we will see the result in the next ballot box. There are those in Israel today who Baruch Hashem are not torn from ideals. We are the majority.

Parshat Korach is an interesting benchmark. It comes to say, if you are going to stand on someone else’s neck to raise yourself- you are doomed. The last government was formed on Parshat Korach a year ago. It fell exactly a year later. I, as you know, strongly believe in Providence. Our culture has us buffing up and showing off, displaying our abilities. Parshat Korach comes to examine the idea of “giving oneself airs”, which we find in many cases is really just “putting on an act”. Without the proper balance of self- worth but humility the torah teaches us- it will not succeed. Don’t flaunt it, don’t brag, the best and holiest things are quietly done, wearing of course the flag.      Shabbat shalom dearest friends!,       Leah




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