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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Parashat Bo 2023

Leah’s Blog Parashat Bo 2023

Parshat Bo  –  The gleaming power of restart that begins at night                                             January 2023

You know that luxurious feeling when you fall into R.E.M, usually at the dead of night when there are no restraints, you’re floating through dreams taking you deep into running in and out of metaphysical places, in and out of rooms, corridors, up and down stairs, through streets you’ve never been in but know…. The physical and mental capabilities surpass anything you have experienced in a waking moment. Defying nature, you bask in this second sight, your sixth sense perked and enjoying. Then it ends and the sun is shining in your face- reality and another day. The freedom our delicious dream gave just ended and in a sense were back to the fixed way of this world. In a certain sense many of us feel “stuck” in the finite of it, of the “masters” that keep us on a narrow path we walk on day after day.

But then the Torah tells us to remember leaving Egypt. It commands us. It describes a metaphysical event that frees all the shackles on the bent and bound. Conditions that were restricted in nature free up through a series of above nature events. The limited becomes limitless and the necromancers of Egypt who prided themselves on divination that enabled them to rule the masses stood dumbfounded to the plagues that colored Egypt in a plethora of red blood, frogs, hail- you name it- like a dream. This is a story that happened at night. This is the Parsha we breathe, filling our lungs with the sweet wisdom of the huge echo that happened on the night we left Egypt which reverberates with the ripples it causes to this very day, to this very inner consciousness, touching you now. The Torah makes a point of commanding us to teach it to our children and to their children and theirs… Each and every one of us know Him through the story of these wonders. Overstepping nature- the miracles that burst through the iron rule of indoctrination and servitude buffered the oncoming light of the first rays of dawn. The moon ruled the sky and we are commanded to remember it in this Parsha – no coincidence. Yetziat Mitzrayim happened at night. Therefore, the seder is at night.

In the agony, a G-d consciousness came into vision. In the hurt pain and brokenness of coerced dominance and exile, the remedy appeared- BO! Come into vision and intuition from the side of Kedushah- not Tumah! You cannot and must not be an ignorant, convinced bond servant serving the system. NOW- leave the realm of the THOUGHTS IN SHACKLES, the drumroll had begun with the first plague. Speak it out. This is what Haggadah means- to tell the story of how Hashem wants us to remember in order to not become a slave to manmade divination. It is our DUTY to remember leaving Egypt in order to survive this exile. It is our duty to evade, overstep and defy those who want to rule over us and dictate what Israel should do. To serve synthetic counterfeit rule or serve Him!? When leaving Egypt, in the night- our dreams and intuition have us moving. Bo! Hashem says- “Come!”. This Parsha comes to remind us in the thickness of the night as a black covering blankets, the renewal process is just beginning. Like the moon who is constantly renewing and teaching through the mitzvah of Rosh Chodesh the significance and implication of a tiny sliver of light that broadens as Hashem broadens and restores. Every Rosh Chodesh is a celebration!

Am Yisrael can leave finite dimensions and worldly boundaries and will do so. It must not be dictated to in what it can and cannot do- the gleaming power of restoration is already in motion. My gut reaction to it was to first wash my face and get moving. BO is the power of Hashem and our faith in Him as we become free. “והגית בו יום ולילה” and come to Him. What greater sign of wonder than the rebirth of the state of Israel.

Shabbat Shalom! Leah


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