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Leah’s Blog Parashat Bishalach

Beshalahch  – Remebering Yosef – February 2023

If you’re following the news out of Israel closely you probably know there is a pivot in a national attitude to the justice department here as well as to the monopolies on economic conglomerates. The new approach- we must bring about a change. If you want a more detailed understanding into the reforms we must make- read “Richard Epstein writes about Israel’s proposed judicial reforms”. Morals and values walk hand in hand with economic policies, they always did. Empires held strong when authority and law were decent to all of its citizens; therefore blessing the economy to sustain and bless society. It is the belief of two and half million people in this country that voted to modify the extreme power of the old way in order to accommodate the bulk of the nation here. Now- we need to recognize the need for improving the corroded system and rebuild it. The government should represent all people- not just ten judges. There should be a free market of competition, with many having opportunities, not the theocracy that has been “Lord” up until now. But there are deeper levels to it because this is Israel- Eretz Yisrael- the Holy Land. The material must have more purpose than just to be rich, laws were given by G-d- the true Lord- it should be for a higher purpose.

This is the portion of Beshalahch- when Israel passes through the Yam Suf carrying the bones of Yosef and later, the Ark of the Covenant, an interesting sight that must have been- continuing on for the forty years traveling through the desert. One represented the fidelity and bedrock of the Mashbir- Yosef- the one who provided material sustenance to Egypt but was forgotten by the Pharoh “who did not know Yosef”. As Israel collected the wages for all the years of servitude during the plague of darkness at that hour of midnight, Moshe Rabbeinu was out on the shore of the Nile retrieving the coffin that Yosef was placed in. Strangely similar in theme, Moshe himself who was drawn out from the Nile as an infant- now he pulled out the forefather who was the first to arrive in Egypt and the last to be freed- from the Nile!. Remembering Yosef was critical in the emancipation and the deliverance of Am Yisrael. The cornerstone that was not recognized by his brothers was commissioned to be accredited for all the wealth they took that night. This gold and silver was turned later into an altar, lavers, gold plated beams, golden poles, a solid gold menorah, a gold table for the showbreads, as well as musical instruments like solid silver trumpets, knobs, chains, screws –talents of solid gold, precious stones and gems in the Kohanic garb– all used in the service of Hashem in the Tabernacle. It is told that 666 talents of gold were brought to King Solomons treasury each year (the number of Yosef). This was all dedicated for sanctifying and glorifying Hashem’s blessing on the world.

I’m sure you’ve seen the bull at Wall Street. The stock markets of the world all teem with life in the realm of Yosef, the bull. The unicorns mushrooming everywhere are also offshoots of this wealth. Hashem did not bring us back here to just hang around in bars and beaches. He didn’t bless Israel with natural gas, start- ups worth billions and the rich keep getting richer for nothing. Soon the treasures of the Temple will be revealed as well. The hidden will be revealed. It is and will be all for a higher purpose. This is a time of recognizing – we must split the sea now. We carry the bones of Yosef because we remember how it all began and how it must end. Take your bounty with you NOW- cross that sea- Shabbat shalom!    Leah




  • Miriam

    Excellent as always. Such insight! We are alive and thank you HaShem for living water.

  • Brandee Stacy


    • Tzippy

      I always enjoy reading what you write… I learn something from you every week and you are a true inspiration to me! I feel privileged to know you!

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