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Leah’s Blog Parasha Tizaveh 2022

Tetzahveh  – DRESSED IN LIGHT – February 2022

Wearing certain clothes for me can be an emotional experience that goes way beyond the colors and what affect they have on me, what styles suit me, etc… It has become a way of expression- as an emissary it’s important to me. Arrayed in an outfit, it is with no doubt affecting my mood. It’s bound to affect yours. We wear our feelings – the question is, does what we wear translate into who we are? My ability to dress, and dress up has morphed with the years I’ve come to know myself. It’s more exact as I come to realize changes I’ve made in my attitude to myself, call it a freeing from things that held me back, and even a new understanding of who I am. I obviously wouldn’t wear work clothes at a wedding nor would I wear Shabbat clothes visiting the goat farm. What I really ask myself is, will these clothes serve me to have confidence, daring, nobility, and even sensitivity. As you can see dressing goes way beyond the technical, a good way off. What you wear in essence, reflects your soul and spirit. It tells us a bit of what your story is. Questions you can ask yourself – what would you like to change about your way of appearance; imagine the moment you are dressed exactly the way you want and feel – how would that look? What message to the world are you conveying about yourself through your specific enthusiasm in fashion.

Tetzaveh has us reading about Itamar, Elazar, Nadav, and Avihu- the sons of aaron and of what they wore. As the conduit, clothing puts them and those that see them into a mindset. Standing in the presence of the King, serving Him, every fine detail of tassel and gemstone, threads of linen to light colors like the light of the Ner Tamid, the eternal light was their mission, to shine out, to be the leading light. We read about the commandment to wear the Priestly garments and wonder how something so superficial as clothing be so critical in the service of the Tabernacle. Here is the meeting place of the world of matter and the world of Ruach. Wearing the lights, they echo the connection of all worlds in the constant yet refreshed service. Inner to inside, outer to outside, the message transmits. In Tetzaveh we have come to an exact proportion and readiness to serve G-d, girded and anchored in service. Right here on Itamar there is a very special place, Lishkaht HaParochet where you can come to experience in this “Chamber of curtains” the Priestly garments as well as the entire subject of the Temple service. (enclosed is a short video of Orna Hershberg the founder and manager of the site) Covering a wide range of subjects that you can see feel and touch flax spun into linen, incense, techelet and the snails they come from to mention just a few of the wonders in the room that has the actual curtains made for the Temple.

At this opportunity I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart in the name of all the people of Itamar (located just a five minute drive to the resting places of Itamar,Elazar and Pinchas the High Priests of Israel) YAD LEAH, who in their zechut, we are wearing beautiful quality clothing in the amazing GMACH they provide and have been providing for many years. Led by Jessica Katz and Karen Thaler, two amazing women of valor that have taken upon themselves hundreds and hundreds of boxes of clothing for communities all over Israel- with the many volunteers, schools, teachers, parents and the list is long of donors to this incredible project truly avodat HASHEM!  Another SPECIAL MESSAGE OF GRATITUDE GOING OUT TO Keees Tineke and all the amazing people at NNA.  Words do not do justice for the love care dignity and support you have been providing for our community and making such a big difference for us here! How many resources and energies it has taken you all to reach this point of true CHESED for the people that live here in the heart of Eretz Yisrael, literally in the backyard of the original Kohanim. May Hashem bless all of the many people involved in helping! It is truly an honor to be standing in your light. The mitzvah of being the candle and being a receptacle that first receives that light, and holding that light is brightening our lives. TODA RABA RABA.

Again, I would like invite you to join FRIENDS OF ITAMAR and bless you to visit us when you are in Israel!

Shabbat shalom, Leah

DERI1491    press on this link for video about priestly garments

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  • Sharleen Wilkens

    Thank you for your words of showing me something I never really reflected on in the way you put it. Looking at myself and how I come into His presence. Everything about the Priests and the Temple have such a part in our lives today. Seeing the Holy through it. Blessed be His name

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