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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Parahat Vayishlach 2022

Leah’s Blog Parahat Vayishlach 2022

Leah’s Blog – VAYISHLACH       – The everlasting covenant of the Land of the Brit

Last night, like many others, there were sounds of explosions and gunfire spilling into the darkness out of Shechem. Yes, this same place- the Old City where Dina was taken by no other than the name of this place- Bedtime should mean rest but in this case our soldiers were trying to decipher codes of ancient tactics on how to attack the children of Israel. Not obliterating the armies of wild orcs that march freely through the streets, they weed them out with tweezers to serve time in the comfortable jails that even afford them college degrees. Shimon and Levi we are not. Then and now, honoring our little sister and honoring the territorial integrity of the heart of this Land go hand and hand. Antisemitism then and now, be it Kayne West or as these lines are being written- Netflix, whose movie “Farha” has a blood libel out to promote prejudice and racialism against Israel, the IDF and the Jewish people. The State Department’s cunning and unwavering stand on turning the integral heart of Israel (Judea and Samaria) into a Chamahss State still stands firm. They detest a settlement of Jews from growing here. Why? We won’t even begin to discuss the academic boycott of any pro- Israel professor. The tentacles and blood libels run rampant now as the UN blasts Israel with every breath.  Discrimination against us began with our story almost from day one. Yaakov had Esau and Lavan to deal with, but when entering the Land it took on a rougher form in a total lack of morality vrs. the people of the brit, the holy seed vrs. the beasts that came out of the Casbah of Shechem. The Greeks and Romans applied rape as a tool as well, rendering both our women abused and the Temple defiled. They imposed laws forbidding the circumcision so embedded into our bodies from the age of eight days- going right for the jugular of decency and modesty as a principle way of life.

There were Hellenists too as we know that felt by assimilating and becoming like the Greeks and Romans they would have a better life. It was fashionable to adopt their customs and shed the “old ways of grampa”even attempting to reapply their foreskins (!!!!)- assimilation was prevalent then as now. There are no surviving off spring of them today. Mattityahu called out during the days of this month, Kislev, during the Chanukah saga- “מי לה אלי!   “Who is with Hashem- come with me!” actually a small band of people joined and a tiny jug of oil. Yehudah the Maccabee and his brothers understood the power of the holy and were determined to consecrate the defiled as Shimon and Levi did. Interestingly Moshe and I were at the grave of Antiochus in Greece, we didn’t see any visitors there- the place stood desolate and eerie. Pondering on this edifice and what it might mean to the Greek people today, on returning to Israel there were swarms of visitors from all walks of life touring Israel and visiting the Kotel. Juxtapose that- sometimes our long term vision must guide us. What world do we want for our children?

Israel is eternal and everlasting because G-d made a covenant with the Jewish people. He gave a code of ethics to follow, a code of morality. The moment you see it attacked- Israel will simultaneously be attacked. The hearts devoted to Israel fix the world. They choose to bring the Shechinah closer and bring Divine Providence back to the rightful home. There is incredible Siyahtah deshmayah right now here from where I write this blog- even if one little bottle of oil lights up the darkness. The sun begins to rise now- we pray our new government will lean away from Hellenism and towards all the promises of restoration, sanctity of our holy sites and the right to be Jewish in a full meaning of that word in true Tikkun of all the nations here as a shining light that rectifies antisemitism. There is much work on the ground to be done while the spirit and flame of the Torah to guide us as then- now. We don’t rely on miracles- we make them happen by doing His word.

Shabbat Shalom! Leah


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