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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog October 15th 2018

Leah’s Blog October 15th 2018

Lech Lecha- Go to Yourself

What would the world do if the ruins of Machu Picchu came alive and if those people indigenous to it returned to it from the four corners of the globe. Would there be a party? Or would there, strangely- be a resistance; even knowing that all this time the site remained a barren wasteland from the time of its destruction? A harder question, would the descendants of Machu Picchu themselves come against its founding and establishment?

Perplexing things are happening today here in Israel. Putting aside BDS and all the organizations like Adahllah, Yesh Din, Machsome Watch, “Rabbis” for Human Rights, and the New Israel Fund (that finances these vehemently anti settlement sub organizations) whose major goal is to bash Zionism, the IDF and the State of Israel. Putting aside the UN and UNESCO projects that fund blatant anti-Semitism HERE IN ISRAEL (!) – there is a tsunami today hitting the shores of peacefulness, trying to drown our confirmation of Hashem bringing His promise to life in our legacy here not only in it being a memory but of coming to a full circle here in the cornerstone of biblical history. The storm that has approached has poured down lies, pelted us with dishonesty, deceit, deception and created a fraud alibi that has engulfed innocent people and innocent people are drowning in it. The lie is so vast and so strong, like a tower built up to the heavens threatening Hashem Himself.

We are challenged on a level that way surpasses our enemies’ murderous methods, it is embedded into the system, our system- our courts, our police, our academia, our media. It seems at times that we have no chance. Terrorists are kept alive only to receive college degrees in our five-star prisons that are busting at the seams and their sentences are made short, they are freed to be roaming our streets, driving on our roads and there is no justice. No truth. Something needs to be fixed.

Abraham was the first person to recognize truth. It’s another story of “In the beginning…” And there is Tohu VaVohu (null and void) everywhere. There are many reasons he is called an Ivri (a Hebrew) His lineage came from Shem and Iver. But it also refers to the fact that he was on one side, while everyone else was on the other side. Call this a flipside. He was more than different, he was the first to believe. Reversing reality is not an easy task. You need to be equipped with nerves of steel as you pave a revolutionary road you hope others will walk on in the naked truth solely perceived by you. Abraham saw the truth side of reality, the other side of the picture and was therefore commanded to go to a place the Torah tells us- Lech Lecha- לך אל עצמך- literally meaning- Go to yourself”. He walks there, runs to do and is challenged every step of the way. Abraham is the classic example of the pro-active. He can only fix reality though, in the Land.

Israel is a place that may seem like a regular country with beaches, bars, tall buildings, and just another location on the globe. But it is not. There is another other dimension here, a portal to truth, perhaps the hardest of places to unearth it- it calls you to be pro- active. Most people that have an inner sense of truth today feel frozen in knowing but not being able to voice it. Some crucial facts about this place- where prophecy meets reality right on time–are good to know and tools very necessary for our fight for truth and redemption:

  1. “Palestinians” are NOT locals. – A demographic survey was done proving that those that claim to have Palestinian origin have NOT lived here for hundreds of years. In the middle of the 1800’s as the Jews began to return and the economic upsurge came into focus – immigrants from all over the middle -east and other places began to come in droves and multiply. Many of the “refugees” so spoken about never even aspired a national identity of their own.
  2. “Self Determination”- Contrary to the regular understanding of refugee, which entails a long presence on a land, the UN based its decision on refugees only from being TWO YEARS prior to the founding of the State of Israel! (from 1946) This is extraordinary- and an exception made only for this status-and as the years pass instead of the amount of refugees becoming smaller in number they have swelled to TWENTY TIMES that number- from a few hundred thousand to FIVE MILLION!
  3. Support of Nazism -During the Second World War, the Arabs that lived here and their leader, Hadj Amin Al Husseini supported the Nazis. The Mufti became a very close confidant of Hitler himself and was personally involved in the plan to exterminate all the Jews living in Eretz Yisrael through a vast and intricate plan including convincing European leaders to not allow their Aliyah.
  4. The JEWISH refugees – Hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees were forced to leave their homes in Arab countries, some where they lived for close to two thousand years. In the wake of violent pogroms. Of the 850,000 Jews that lived in the Middle East and North Africa, only 10,000 remained. 98.8% left with the shirts on their backs yet NEVER were termed refugees, never got compensation!
  5. The Expulsion of Arabs- The Arab countries that came to war against the Jewish State encouraged most of the Arabs to flee their homes in 1948, in the promise that they would soon return upon Israel’ defeat. Israel expelled a very small percentage of Arabs from their homes. According to the Bureau of Statistics in Beirut 86% of the refugees ran without ever seeing one Israeli soldier!
  6. Intentional Neglect- The Arab countries took advantage of the situation of the refugees and used it to their advantage, cramming them into tight camps without a chance to develop. Only Jordan gave full citizenship to these refugees (no other host country gave them citizenship) and the UN was formed to “care” for the “poor Palestinian refugees”.The list goes on and it is LONG -but the lie is still not exposed. It has actually snowballed to amnesia proportions that have poisoned many, many Jewish institutions as well. We have Jewish organizations today that actually hold shiva ceremonies for Hamaas terrorists. On campus a pro-Israel activist can be considered in a life-threatening situation. Just today, a terrorist was neutralized as he tried to stab a soldier outside of Ariel. A senior Judge of the Supreme Court was driving on the road and three Arabs came lunging at him with hammers- a miracle he got away. We are not safe. It could have been a young mother.It could have been you.It is time to call for TRUTH. It’s time to go to ourselves- to be ourselves! It’s time to be an Abraham and shout it from the top of the wall in the hope that they will hear it from the other side.

Leah Goldsmith


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