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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog November 11th 2016

Leah’s Blog November 11th 2016

As the sun is about to sink into a mid- November apricot sky, the landscape and the beautiful air I would love to describe will have to wait because there are more important things to do in this precious time before Shabbat. I want to bless President  elect Trump with a mazal tov and share this with him and with you. I have never asked you to share a blog before but this blog I really am asking – as much as you can and to as many people it can reach. Hopefully it will reach him.

Dear President – elect – Donald Trump,

Shalom and mazal tov on your winning the election! We are all very happy and excited!

Living in this generation, in the now- as someone American who chose to re-root to Israel thirty plus years ago to the place stretching back to the beginning of Jewish identity, and as an American patriot who loves America, I write these words.

The powers of your Presidency will be vast and broad and seem unlimited. I pray for you to maintain a humble heart and not to be afraid to know truth and to speak it. Use wisdom and be willing to learn new things, some of which will seem to be perplexing and at times a paradox. The link our two democracies share is rooted in much progress and benefit both of our countries. The bond forged between our two nations will be G-d willing more secured in honoring our own distinct indentities while working together. As a Jewish person living now back in the ancient place of our ancient beliefs (that apply more than ever now as we have returned and are fulfilling prophecy) please know- this has an enduring significance and will be of use to you.  As Israel surges forward into modern times and brings progress and blessing to the world, its source is from building on the firm foundation of what has been. Our values for the current world scenario shine out from the core backbone of the old original heartland of Israel to what will be: for you and for America and the world.

This place, the heartland of Israel, has been rebranded though, not only by the European Union, Unesco, and many Arab countries but most importantly -by that wonderful and dear democracy of America – into another word with a different meaning, as if it has no connection to Jewish people and that it must be cleared of them, to be made Judenrein. Natural growth of Jews here is highly condemned by the State Department while U.S. AID is buffing up Jihadist villages right here in the heart of Israel with U.S. taxpayers money. The challenges the Jewish people face in this place on a daily basis are hard to fathom (we have lost over twenty of our residents – some of them small children-to Jihadi murderers),as even our own Rabbis for the most part in America have turned their backs on us too as well as most major Jewish Organizations (JNF, Haddash, UJA and the list goes on) preferring to be politically correct. Liberals in America are very happy to stand up for rights of all citizens yet rabidly come against anything authentically Jewish in Israel’s heartland. Luckily we are resilient and stick to crystal clear ideals and values. Nothing is going to make us budge even if the whole world came against us entirely.

Now can be a time to rectify , at the fresh start of the morning of this new era. We are excited by your new role in being President of the United States and want to share with you the beauty and special charm of our historical, archeological, religious and strategic assets. It is interesting, beautiful, stimulating and amazing to see a grey dead piece of land come to life and watch it flourish – against the odds. You will notice how soothing it is here as you take a moment to feel the heart and core of the cornerstone of restoration. You too are a part of this. We hope to leave no stone unturned as world events unravel and our job to sustain and nourish both physically and spiritually are intensifying as the seconds pass by…..We are living in truly miraculous times.

This is a time of great clarification. May you be blessed with much success, good health and happiness and much KOACH- strength -in the days weeks and months ahead. I am Looking forward to seeing you here in Itamar.

All the best, Leah Goldsmith

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