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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – May 5th 2018

Leah’s Blog – May 5th 2018

Leah’s Blog – May 4 2018

It is not boring in this part of the world! A truck drives from the nuclear reactor in Iran straight to the headquarters of the Mossad in Tel Aviv carrying all the necessary documents and discs of incriminating evidence that blows the Obama cash flow appeasement theory into smithereens all in one night. It will make the next best movie after Wonder Woman I am sure, and I would first love to see the real life agent. This week hundreds of Iranian missiles intended for Tel Aviv were destroyed in Syria, not far from our Golan Heights. Little Israel whose territory is like one percent of the Persian Dynasty. Little Israel, whose nation compares to one percent of the population of China. Baruch Hashem Israel is standing tall.

There were other blow outs as well this week as finally The New York Times in an eye opening statement said The head of the PLO oh, I mean the Palestinian Authority, Machmoud Abbass should be admonished and removed for his statements against our nation. AHADAH! AHDAH! Is it possible that the ostriches are taking their heads out of the sand finally? What is causing this shift in the world? I shudder when remembering the fiasco of Oslo, the one that gave one hundred percent of the territory of Gush Katif to our most bitter enemies, of those beautiful thriving communities as well as other places in the Shomron all sold there on the White House lawn – sold for fire, for missiles, and for terror tunnels, for devastation. Today our southern border is on fire literally. So, we stand straight but we also limp because of stupid mistakes that we made in the past. We don’t want to limp anymore. Enough is enough.

This week in Israel the Tomb of Joseph was renovated. I don’t think it was a coincidence. Yosef revealed himself as his brother Judah took responsibility and rectified.

Part of recognizing truth is also admitting it. It’s recognizing the lie and rectifying it.

“with their own eyes they will see when G-d returns to Zion” -a quote from the prophet (Isa 52:8) referring to being able to see truth in the repair of Israel. This comes at the time of the awakening from below- when truth suddenly dawns.

This week another dimension of all that is happening here in Israel- Gyro D’Italia- a lucrative biking experience that has hundreds of the worlds professional bike riders swishing through the Land through Tel Aviv, Yerushalayim, Haifa, Caesarea, Beer Sheva, Mitzpeh Ramon, Eilat and other places in a show of solidarity with G-d’s Land. 350 million people will be watching the cyclists as they race for the first time out of the boundary of Europe.

Tasmania has decided to open an embassy in Israel and five other countries are moving their embassies to Jerusalem. We have to thank President Trump for taking the initiative in recognizing Jerusalem as our eternal capital and starting the domino effect of old paradigms falling like dominoes as new ones stand tall without limping. I am sure next week will bring even more exciting news and I hope to share only good news with you from now on! I want to personally thank Friends of Itamar for all of your love and care. On our last trip to the USA Moshe and I asked our you to partner with us in planting trees. Just yesterday on Lag Ba’omer in your merit we were able to continue to fulfill the blessing as it says in the Torah, “For the Lord your G-d is bringing you into a good Land, a Land of wheat and barley, vines, figs, and pomegranates, a Land of olive oil and honey.” We as a community went to an area designated for a communal garden outside our synagogue and planted with our youth a new orchard of fruit trees. Thank you! This has been an amazing opportunity to answer the call in making the heartland of Israel right here on Itamar blossom – the repair in our hearts was truly felt and the restoration will bring also you a great blessing! width= width= width=

Shabbat Shalom! Leah

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