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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog June 19th 2020

Leah’s Blog June 19th 2020

Korach   2020

Every story of the Torah tells us something about then and how it applies now as we read it and review it again and again. This is called maaseh avot siman lebanim “מעשה אבות סימן  “לבנים. In no less than a prophecy about the weekly events, we say “Oh my Gosh”!, how is that exactly what happened here and now! What happened in the lives of our forefathers serves not only as a lesson but as a warning to us. A Red Light is blinking- BEWARE. We have been reading in the last Parshas about grievances. A revolt was in the works as Korach sought in his arrogance to overthrow the humble man of G-d, his cousin (like a brother) Moshe, who acted solely as the agent of Hashem. This is a theme unfortunately repeated and repeated throughout time. Yosef’s brothers decided that instead of having faith in his visions, they chose mutiny, yes to their own brother. Proverbs 18/19 –”A brother transgressed against is as strong as a city” The closer we are (as in Korach and Moshes family ties) the harder and harsher and more hurtful. One is an innocent thrown into the pit. One is a terrible example of insurrection that the ground opened up and swallowed him leaving only a bald spot on the earth’s floor. Both were clarified for us by their outcomes. Today it is difficult to clearly see Divine intervention like when the ground opened up and literally devoured Korach. Today following Hashem’s law is a privilege as we choose to follow it we also have to choose the fact that we can’t change it. It has been branded for eternity. We have to listen to Hashem and what He wants, not what we want because we should want His will G-d forbid want something else. It doesn’t say anywhere in the Torah to wear a garment made of techelet, but it does say to dye your fringes techelet. Any deviation of even the smallest detail or symbol above a letter of the Torah is a marked rebellion against G-d! It doesn’t say a Levi can be a Cohen or that Yisrael can go into the Holy of Holies. There is an order for G-ds plan. A wise guy that thinks he knows better, that chooses against what Hashem created him/her for, that voices a lot of grievances is going to wind up learning the lesson the hard way. The spies did and Korach did.

People have been asking me about the Trump Plan and Israel’s implementation of sovereignty. Up until now, we have been living with a very antiquated system of governing Judea and Samaria. The lack of instituting sovereignty and initiating it signals indecisiveness about Israel’s relationship and legal connection to Judea Samaria and the Jordan Valley. Where there is no clear law- chaos reigns. Up until now, there has been a status quo because the authorities feel that it prevents sudden shock waves that may happen if changes are made. Due to Israel’s circumventing of applying and enforcing laws related to Land ownership, building, environmental protection, preservation of Heritage Sites and archeological properties (and the list is long and painful), there is a complete takeover of illegal arab construction and destruction funded mainly by the EU. Just a few months ago I was witness to a horrific bulldozing down of a significant Hasmonaean Fortress here at Tel Aruma, not more that a mile from Itamar. The authorities did nothing about it and sure enough it wasn’t long before a huge Palestinian flag was boldly set on a flagpole the size of a huge tower cemented into the rubble of this precious site.  We say YES to sovereignty as soon as possible. The Palestinian Authority has called for a total choking of all Jewish communities by illegal Arab takeover of area C. This take form in terrace farming on Government State land, illegal digging of wells, quarries that have chewed away literally at whole mountains, illegal road development, sewage running into our precious streams, illegal gas stations being set up, garbage burning and dumping, no protection of wildlife as arson fires are lit every day by the HUNDREDS at Jewish communities while zero enforcement is used. There obviously is no area A B and C in Hashem’s home. Without going into the legality of why we are here (in the victory over Arab armies that came to annihilate Israel) and how the negative word annexation is being used in mainstream media– which implies forcibly taking territory from a sovereign state- this term does NOT apply to Judea and Samaria. Full sovereignty establishes a legacy for all generations, preservation of our historical sites and the rights due to the Jewish citizen of Israel that live here. We thank POTUS for his good in moving the embassy, recognizing the Golan Heights and for initiating a change in relating to Jews in the heartland of Israel. We kindly say yes and we strongly say NO to a Chamasland plunked down in the heart of Israel, the area between the Jordan and the sea, the area that looks from above unto all of Israel’s cities, not a stones throw from Ben Gurion airport. We say NO to the takeover of our religious and sacred sites. We say NO to the application of archaic Ottoman laws that date back to 500 years ago in some cases while we live in a modern world and Israel is filling up by the minute. We’ve closed a circle in time and are back where we started. Now is time to LIVE prophecy!

A red light is blinking. Beware. Seattle. New York. Los Angeles. Maaseh Avot Siman lebanim. Even some of our own brothers want us out of leadership and out of our homes. AIPAC- you sold your own brothers. Shame on you. Hashem declared this Land is ours not just parts of it but as a whole complete body for His whole complete people. We can’t change what Hashem said and wants. While a bully is really a coward there are courageous people willing to stand as watchmen on these walls for what Hashem wants. Friends of Itamar- you have been a brother from another mother. As reverse discrimination takes center stage and Jewish rights over Jewish places becomes silenced and ridiculed, we know who the fools are. In the chaos, we find peace. In the pain, we find healing. In the grievances, we find TZEDEK because we have the God given right. We are as strong as a city. Shabbat shalom

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