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Jerusalem DayLeah’s Blog – Jerusalem Day 2024

Leah’s Blog – Jerusalem Day 2024

Jerusalem Day – 2024

Walking through the quaint shaded alleyways of Yemin Moshe this past Shabbat had me, on reaching the famous windmill facing the walls of the Old City, wondering if the passuk “our Sanctuary and place of glory in which our forefathers praised You has become a conflagration of fire, its treasures in ruins” still applicable. Far from a barren devastated land or even the poor neighborhood it was at first when set up just beyond the ancient walls of the Old City in the late 1800’s, a luxurious vibe in the artist colony as Bougainvillea vines whose fuchsia flowers cascade over the narrow shaded walkways had me almost believing we were in a future time, a time of complete peace. Beauty and noble grace greets you here. Turquois pretty pools appear in enclaves created for the passer- by, with colored benches where you can sit a bit in the shade of large trees in bloom as a run off of water trickles in grooves carved into the Jerusalem stone floor. Birds of paradise chirp, another delight against the quiet of early June when the sun rises over the city of David. Jerusalem shines.

It amazes me how unruffled I felt there, practically untroubled in this still paradise.

However all is not quiet in our Land.

Missiles are destroying the Galilee and they are targeting lower and lower areas of it. Hundreds and thousands of displaced people from the north and the south are homeless. The Gaza Belt reeks of death; the pogrom- too painful and blistering into my mind. On the border of Rafah and Egypt a huge mural greets those passing through- a piece de resistance depicting the destruction of Israel, the killing of Jews and the complete conquering of Jerusalem, no not from Salah A Din’s time- from today. Over a hundred tunnels ran under the Rafah – Egypt border until we blew them up. Only G-d knows what went through them. In an effort to seize the heart of Israel, another bright eyed idea that came about to turn Israel’s heartland into Hamahastahn, the dead Oslo Accords suddenly reappeared as we were pulling our dead hostages out of pits under the floorboards of so called “schools and medical facilities” – thankfully that has not come to fruition due to the vigilance, fortitude and strength of its residents. As Israel becomes revealed the resistance to it grows.

Unabashed, nations desire it’s destruction verbally- Nations stand for evil outwardly declaring so.

The walls of the Old City had me thinking about the embrasures, where arrow slits allowed for firing out from the fortified walls while soldiers remained under cover. Israel has known endless wars that took us out of this Land so long ago, and upon our return and again and again. Trying to seize Jerusalem from us, then and now- we fight for her; we fight for her peace.

We are counting the Omer now, approaching Malchut and the holiday of Shavuot- the birthday and passing of King David, the persona of Malchut, wearing the golden crown. What preceded the building of the Holy Temple was the ultimate warrior who would take no more of the disgrace. The goal of Goliath and the wicked beasts that came to war on Israel was to cast dread and devastation. Every word Goliath said was a blasphemy- Before throwing the five stones David said- “The one who curses Hashem- will be cursed”. A great light was revealed in restoring honor to Israel on that day. Majestic prowess emanated from David which grew and grew that led eventually to the complete readiness for the time of the Holy Temple, when the light shone out from its windows. But first David had to bring peace to Israel by finishing the war.

Jews need to perceive themselves on a restart. A new power comes into the world when a Jewish soldier fights for the integrity of Israel. The light shines out stronger now as true glory is revealed though this battle, this war, on this Jerusalem Day even now as everything shines gold.



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