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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Israel Independence Day 2023

Leah’s Blog – Israel Independence Day 2023

Yom Haatzmaut-   Eretz Canaan- Eretz Yisrael

These days winds of change are blowing in Israel. The future is breathing in the wind. The mood- like a storm is brewing. The bygone sagging stone walls of the past remind us of history- an ancient land that saw and now sees its bride, Israel. Lord knows what these stones have seen. No better description of Israel is the field of wheat stalks that blow in this wind. Ahh the colors, the scents, the sky, the sun. This is a magical journey to know and feel the wonder of this earth coming back to life. The bride is in a relationship. Spring is a time world- wide for renewal, nature awakens. Here in Israel, the body of our nation awakens as well. Our likeness in not only this time of year but in this time of redemption of end times. The source of the energy of the world comes from right here. Everything is covered in green. Of course blue and white take the center stage on this day- the color of our flag likened to tzitzit. In pride the flag flaps in this wind, from every doorpost, from every field.

Abraham was 75 years old when he left his hometown to fulfill his mission to “the land that I will show you.” Significant, this is Israel’s 75 year anniversary. Abraham had so many questions he wanted to ask, mystified by barriers placed before him and brought to his knees as even the land suffered famine. Covered in shrouds at times, this can appear as Eretz Canaan- where we submit. Only in blind faith can we fulfill our mission here. Abraham could have easily remained in Iraq and taught the world from there about Hashem- one G-d but no, Hashem had him coming HERE. This land remained fallow and grey all through the last two thousand years of history. Through that time nations mocked us saying, “where is your G-d??”. Rebranding this very land is not a new concept because Eretz Canaan goes back to Abraham. Tried and tested again and again Abraham sought the true bride in Eretz Yisrael and found it, the foundation stone, – here in the center of the globe.

Succumbing to our return, the land wears bridal trousseau- green lushness that brings to life the passuk- “”המוציא לחם מין הארץ “taking bread from the land”. The basis of life, the land answers now as it has never done since we were banished from it shamefully. Grass does grow on a rolling stone now, the earth answers us because we care for her. The state of Israel is a historical miracle. Eretz Canaan tries with all its might to show a shroud. Even here in Israel, as the plump organic cherry tomatoes are served in Café’s in Tel Aviv, more mindfulness is needed in knowing that they come from the heartland- from right here in ITAMAR . Here our vineyards make prophecy come true. We are counting the omer now. As earthly and material as that sounds, a call to healing begins now. We contemplate on this being the physical freedom from exile in leaving Egypt, and work towards the spiritual freedom on Shavuot. Keeping in mind Abraham who only began his mission at the age of 75- Israel will now morph into teaching the world about G-d and His Land. Bless it- it will bless you- curse it and it will curse you. I’d like to invite all our friends to come and breathe in the beautiful farm lands here on Itamar and to bless each and every one of you with a Yom Haatzmaut Sameyahch ! Blessings from the land, Leah


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  • Nechama

    Leah, you’re the ‘sugar’ and ‘spice’ of Itamar! You need to compile a book dedicated to Itamar, containing all your wonderful insightful wisdom in all your blog writings. I’m sure IY”H you would reap much reward $. No one speaks of the love of Land, People, and Hashem all together as you do.

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