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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Israel at War – The Black Sabbath

Leah’s Blog Israel at War – The Black Sabbath

Leah’s Blog Israel at War
The Black Sabbath
I felt.
I knew.
I told.
Helmets, bullet proof vests, magazines of ammunition and army gear are strewn around our community as men prepare for battle. Moshe carries his M16 at all times. Old memories, I’ve been digging up bones as dry bones continue to collect in this Land. A fresh moist breeze tries to wipe out of my consciousness the reek of death on our boys’ uniforms when they returned from fighting the brutal war against orc beasts of Gaza. Side by side, like twins from birth they spearheaded into the enemy. Again today I tell them about Saba, my father and his heroic acts in the Polish partisans as he took the Nazis down, as our sons travel south now uniformed and ready to fight these Nazis. After this bloodbath we will learn of heroic acts like never before by soldiers and civilians alike. Under heavy fire and blood curdling scenes of the most vicious attacks, they faced the horrors only Holocaust survivors could know. The massacre at the music festival was only the beginning of this war and even now days later, the war has only begun.
Horror mirrors horror. Why are you so shocked now?
Who cooperated with Keith Dayton as he trained these beasts in Philadelphia- make no distinction between any of these Palestinian factions! The violence and intimidation is something we have been living with since the inception of the Oslo accords. The massacre of Hebron Jews in 1929 happened way before the “Nakbah”- it was gruesome and no different than Isis, cutting off limbs, beheadings, rapes -education they receive at birth. Fear, threat and concurrent cooperation with the devil against the nation of Israel’s holy sites and people in Shechem, Chevron and the place of our Temples, against the settlers who live in Judea and Samaria, working with a Palestinian Authority that pays for slaying baby Hadass Fogel and slitting her throat. Terror mirrors terror. These horrific scenes happened down my block.
Why are you so surprised?
In Huwara when on a daily basis we are stoned, molotoved, and shot at – why are you surprised now?
When just recently ten synagogues were burnt to the ground in “Israel proper” in LOD and Ramle just minutes from the Ben Gurion international airport.
Why are you so surprised now?
Startup nation- cleave to your earth! Return to your boundaries!
When we clawed the ground of Gush Katif begging not to do this atrocity and the beasts set up their orc terror bases there on the ruins of synagogues- why are you surprised now?
When the traffic circle of Huwara enables fear and antisemitism STILL NOW- why are you surprised?
We told them, ” Don’t give them guns!” they pushed us aside and went along with the plan. Today they count 900 victims. Oslo had more. One by one men women and children were slaughtered here. Who went along with the bluff of treachery as Yaasar Arafat winked at his terror collaborators. The Palestinian Authority PAYS FOR SLAY, comes to console families of arch terrorists that bomb school buses. Now the snake you groomed is coming back to bite you hard, in the most gruesome way!
U.N.- Shame on you! Jericho is a JEWISH HERITAGE SITE- the first of all cities conquered by Joshua! The everlasting remnant of Israel has lived and persevered to return to it. Your lies are passe. All truths become revealed now!
Running like the antelope into the killing fields of the Gaza belt are the scenes we know and worse. Now we must fight like the lion!
Now it is time to take our little sister back. Now we must astonish. A new dawn, a new day. Yes! These bones will live!
This blog is dedicated to the memory of fallen soldier Or Ran, a precious boy of Itamar who died as a Patriot defending the integrity of this Land. Hashem Yikome Damo! Z”TL


  • Rachal

    It’s too much. Too much blood and horror.💔💔💔💔

    • Sandy Newman

      💔💔💔 I too am heartsick and grieving for these atrocities and loss of souls. It has become personal to are My people, this is My land. Hugs and endless prayers for you all. (I am a friend of Stefanie and Ann's.)

  • Diane Devine

    Leah, your writings especially this one, opens eyes to see and understand! Your Living through all this is heart wrenching....David and I support you all and may your hearts be strengthened in these days.

  • Brandee Stacy

    Israel will prevail! 🙏🏻

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