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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Feb 28 2023

Leah’s Blog Feb 28 2023

Leah’s Blog Parashat Tetzaveh      February 28, 2023 – The Treasures of Mount Gerizim and Eval

First, look at the map of Israel and see where it is. What historical way passed through and on its feet. The entire land surrounding it is the Yesod foundation holding up Am Yisrael through time. There were blessings here, there were curses. Ancient writings discovered on the altar of Joshua found just in time as the Palestinian Authority bulldozed down the tired stones from old. In Shechem, an ancient grave in the field our father Yaakov purchased to bury his son Yosef. “We are brothers!”, Yosef called, but his brothers threw him in a pit. It has been burnt down time and time again by the marauding haters of Israel. Why do the echoes of the mountain of the curse drown out all truth, unity and sanity? We begged them “Don’t give them guns!”, while General Keith Dayton trained them in Philadelphia to have an army against whom exactly?- with your tax payer dollars! The bluff- the Aqaba panel- ensuring we kneel in servitude and humility. The EU is building up area C but G-d forbid if I add a room on to our house.


The Fogel massacre that happened down my block – the memory does not ebb away, the pain of the pair of brothers ripped from this world from Har Bracha tears into old wounds that bleed afresh. “Are you afraid”, people have been asking me from time immemorial- because hundreds and thousands of our people have been slaughtered here since the guise of the “peace plan”.  I want to say “Don’t believe the lie”- a quote from the vampire movie- This IS a vampire movie. It sucks the truth out of anything pure and holy. Our sons and all sons here serve in the IDF. Don’t distort the image I want to scream but the voices that come up from all throats tell lies. They tell of curses and a turned upside down reality out of arrogance greed and evil. How long can Hashem’s face wear a covering! No I do not fear for my own life- I fear for truth.


At this time of Adar you don’t know if what you hear is firecrackers or shooting. It should be a happy time- a time of a reality turned upside down- but our reality IS turned upside down. I bend down to pick up a beautiful fresh flower that popped up on the Tel here, a Tel I might have lived on in a previous life. How can heaven and hell reside so closely? The blessing and the curse- it’s the vibe here. The peace is one you have never felt- the curse crushes you. You are grappling with so many outside forces here on the mountain as you see restoration happening at the same time. To withhold us from our legacy- that is the evil objective. We must conquer it! About Huwara- just a word from someone who has to go through it since 1985- There is a traffic circle right near the corner of Ainaboos- it has a plaque that says: U.S. AID. Last week there were A HUNDRED rock attacks on our people there, including children hit and injured. Our son in law was attacked there as well. Is there a word from the world condemning this attack?


The parable of Yotam from the book of Judges has me seeing the olive, fig and grapevine now. It happened here. They have all sprung to life. Every view is one of mine. In the name of Hallel Yaniv “- ה’ יקום דמו- “It’s not what happens to you that’s the story- It’s what you do with what happens to you”.  WHAT DO WE DO IN THE FACE OF THIS BLATANT ANTISEMITISM?! We settle – we restore- we make Adar what Adar should be. We rise -not in arrogance but in noble strides towards reformation. Amends need to made now as YOU clarify where your allegiance stands- to the blessing or the curse- you decide.     HASHEM YIKOM DAMAM!





  • Tzippy

    WOW! So poignant ! So powerful! So expressive!

  • Rachal

    I live an hour and a bit south of Itamar in Israel and I heard nothing on the Israeli news about any rock attacks in Huwara. Perhaps Israel will soon experience an earthquake like Turkey and all the evil vampires will get sucked into the center of the earth. Only the good will survive. Before this wave of terror began the news was about an Earthquake on the way.

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