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GeneralLeah’s Blog Dec 8th 2017

Leah’s Blog Dec 8th 2017

 width=Driving to a major city in Israel always amazes me. It may not have that rustic biblical hilly rocky look, but the phrase “Kam veNeetzava”- “And my sheath stood erect” has the skyscrapers and new buildings standing tall and proud, one after another in what were empty lots of sand dunes just last year…. This year on Chanukah the new windows will have thousands of new lights lighting up the night, a cozy homey feeling.

I kind of need this urban fix. It infuses me with a new idea.

This week we read about Yosef. “And Yosef recognized his brothers. But they did not recognize him.” (Genesis 42:8), not knowing that beyond that external handsome exterior there contained an internal content of holiness. His brothers actually sat down to eat bread just as he was thrown into the pit. HOW?

Yosef did not grope in the dark (tartey mashmah!) He overcomes many obstacles as he goes down and deeper into the dark pit of Egypt.

Very soon he was raised to glory fame and fortune, recognized for his outstanding uniqueness for being a light and channel for Hashem’s voice.

Yosef is a pusher, a pillar. He realizes his decisions affect historical outcomes.

Here, on the ground, a new Jerusalem seems to have fallen out of the sky. A monumental stunning city that dazzles millions and a true testimony to Hashem’s word coming home. But as we push- they want us to retreat. As we establish- they try to nullify. As we proclaim the peace of Jerusalem – they riot. Finally, we stand like skyscrapers because we can do something about it! Empowered by the place and by the hour- Thank you President Trump for recognizing and not submitting.

Here on the ground it’s a rocky road. (Tartey mashmah)

But, like Yosef said after being sold by his brothers, “You had bad intentions. But Hashem had good intentions and planned it for good and for Providence!” (Genesis 50:20)

Chanukah is coming this week. We are soon coming to the day that every day will be easy access to receive the holy light from Jerusalem. This week we all say AL HANEESEEM!

Thank you Hashem

Thank you POTUS


Shabbat Shalom! Happy Chanukah!

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