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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog – Bahar – Bechookotay

Leah’s Blog – Bahar – Bechookotay

Leah’s Blog Bahar – Bechookotay – Operation shield and arrow

It was in 1985 – summer. We were twenty one and crazy about an idea. Leaving New York for Itamar, a place as far away from the world as you can imagine, for all we were concerned it looked and felt like a barren moor but something about it enchanted us. Promising to turn it into a cascading vineyard, some set out to settle it according to the spiritual clock of the world (as prophesied). It was just then that the heartland of Israel was awakening from a long deep sleep. Even before the first grape appeared as a compliment to the destiny of Israel, people emerged here, although the turn- out was not great. Into this zone we landed; yes it was far from the world and our little village sat upon an ancient one, time moved slowly then. It’s hard to believe this is the testimony of my life. We tossed and turned the earth which miraculously found favor with us. Suddenly daffodils grew and trees were planted turning the place over the years into a green meadow. Israel was waking up and we became a part of it.

This is an age old place, the remains of stone structures from days gone by still stand crumbling with erosion. All evidence points to the Kingdom of Israel. But like Abraham- we were tested. Big time. Soon the braying of a donkey, the call of the minaret, still in the distance at that time. As the blessings grew so did the challenges. Lawlessness unrest and one disturbance after the next caused our little life to be deeply impacted by chaos that was enabled to the enemies of Israel. Just down the road in every direction, enclaves of terrorism became cities of refuge, deals were made with world renowned terrorists. Once you were in the Itamar zone which covers a huge expanse of organic farms, the calmness returned, the harmony and peacefulness restored but just five minutes out of it made you risk your life. How did it come to this?

Over the years even the safe bastion of home would not insure safety as people were even murdered in their homes here. How long can the integrity of Israel be compromised? How long can they chisel away at our heritage sites? How long can they burn garbage in over a hundred illegal sites throughout Judea and Samaria and not be punished. Operation shield and arrow is a good start yet it happened late. Eight thousand people were thrown out of their homes in Gush Katif for only Hamas to take it over and launch missiles into Tel Aviv. It was made public by all officials that if even one rocket is fired into Israel the plan will be retracted. That has not happened. The terror has affected the entire country by drive by shootings and attacks that cost the lives of many –  this is without mentioning missiles being produced in Jenin. Now the international flights fly over my house here in the heart of the Shomron, just down the block from Huwara. Why you may ask? This is the only place, on top of the mountain missiles will not reach.

Bahar – Bechookotay reminds us of all the sabbatical years we had to pay for that we did not keep when we were in the Land. We were exiled for two thousand years paying the price in being ripped from it. Now is the time to fix the atrocity we have brought upon this G-d given land. A shield and arrow here, a cease fire there will not rectify. Bless this Land and it will bless you. Curse it and it will curse you. The land speaks to us.

Shabbat Shalom dearest friends! Leah

No despair – you too can be part of the mission



  • Martina

    Thank you Leah. For your wisdom, perseverance and the hope you give to me and many others.

  • Al

    I appreciate your comments...

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