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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog August 14th 2015

Leah’s Blog August 14th 2015

Leah’s blog – August 15th 2015

I was talking to our son-in law, Alex at our 30 year anniversary of moving to Israel this week.

“Looking back”, I said to him, as our grandchildren were swinging on the swing between us under the shade of the trees we planted years ago , “the thing that comes to mind is our parents, our family, how we started, how we’ve grown.” He smiled as he too became part of that story, the story of our life here in the heart of Israel. Every generation has a challenge and as I spoke with him I thought about the family unit as an ideal in itself today, putting aside all other tasks we are called to do. Baruch Hashem for our families!

When we made Aliyah, our parents let us go and do what we did, trusting totally, sympathizing with our gut sense that was not always logical. When they came to visit in the early pioneering days, they, like us had the same feeling in their bones, one of intuition and no foreboding of things if on a global level things were not being approved. They knew otherwise, they knew the right way and we took it. The gusto we had as we plowed forward against the odds was returned to us not with skepticism but relating to us and our lives here in a most natural way as we even shared all the monotonous details of redemption coming in dribs and drabs (kimma kimma) and no earth shattering electric shock sensation. They took the bitter with the sweet of life in the land of milk and honey where we weren’t promised a rose garden but planted one. Our gratification was theirs as we transitioned on from Sheeabood leGeula (from the days of Holocaust into the rebirth of return to Zion). If Hashem is doing it anyway, why not do it for Him!

The generations continue on and we face new/old challenges. The greatest gift we received is what we pass on, the torch of light in a dark, very dark world. Even today as technology boasts triumphant victory for making knowledge more available the world remains for the most part, ignorant of the most basic tenants of Tikkun Olam. The challenges ahead leave no room for apologies or for explaining ourselves but illuminating, enlightening and not being afraid to be who we are, where we are at this time as precisely on time as Hashem wants it. And proudly so! You know what they say, “He who prepared for Shabbat will enjoy Shabbat.” Did you get the candles ready? The food? The linens, the tablecloth, your Shabbat clothes, all the little salads that adorn the table? How will Israel be ready for the final days if we don’t make it happen?

There is no better ambience than sitting with your family on Shabbat. Well, maybe there is- Shabbat right here- In Israel, in the heart of Israel. Do come and join us!

Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh tov!

Leah Goldsmith


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