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Leah's BlogLeah’s Blog Aug 21 2020

Leah’s Blog Aug 21 2020

Shoftim   2020

Elul is here, I have no idea how that happened. The weather has turned autumn-like before its time. I am raking leaves here in the ideal sunset time of a cool breezy sky dotted with the first clouds that always usher in Rosh Hashana. A haze of light gold showers the sky as the sun has already set, leaving that warm afterglow in a veil of blue. As for the trees that crowd around our yard, each one has a mind of its own. The olives are ripening, the poplars impressive at all times, now their leaves turn color and begin to fall. The mulberry adorns like a canopy against the darkening sky. It is growing dusky. Sitting back now, which I hardly ever USED to do, I’m growing spoiled in this solitude. It’s a restful time and great for introspection. These trees, they are like close friends. This year has flown by. Anyone that can truly rise above the events the world has been experiencing to the stairway above this insane reality is bound to feel beyond words blessed. I do. Time moves fast but feels slowed. This all happening in His time- but hastened.


Elul is the month of the field. A time to plant yourself. We feel redemption in the air like an electric shock wave. The hidden future light we dream about is ready to shine. Elul is a time of refuge. The ripeness of the hour prepares us like the way a bride and groom plan their ultimate life. In just one month we will begin a new year. The leaves are falling but the occasion flourishes. We are taking spiritual steps towards the season. The place, thankfully is here. A shofar is blowing somewhere, a wakeup call to update our reality and ask for a coming of age of kodesh, mikdash, prophecy and kingship. Now is the time to prepare our nefesh for things that are coming. Come! Let us go out to the field! This portion has us reading “When you shall besiege a city in war you shall not destroy its trees by forcing the axe against them, for you may eat of them. You shall not cut them down, for the tree of the field is like man.” Shoftim falls at the onset of Elul. The Torah compares the soul of man to the tree. This is done in the backdrop of the battlefield. When you are faced with torment, which is not lacking today on a scary level, whether it be in the city center, on your job, within your family, government, national, international- stand like a tree in the field! Cancel your ratzon atzmi (self-will). Don’t stand stubbornly in the predicament feeling short changed, unforgiving, in a no justice attitude. See the Divine Providence of Hashem rooted in this world and what He is doing. He built this lower crust of earth in order for us to feel Him. Come! Let us go out to the field now! Winning the war is when we feel so low, we actually stoop to the roots of the tree now, to the lowest place on earth where they are even covered. There is a concealment in the concrete pavement. We are preparing for days of judgement now. A person is likened to a tree. As long as it is watered, it will give sweet fruit. Pour water into my soul! “I will make thee and the environs of My hill a blessing. I will send rain in its season, rain that brings blessing. The trees of the field shall yield their fruit and the Land shall yield its produce and My people shall be secure on its own soil” Ezekiel 34:26-28

This is a time of solitude. A time of Thanksgiving and restoration. The world was born in Elul. This is also a time of psychological warfare and conspiracy. There is a battlefield in every city now. This is the time we receive the yoke of Heaven. There are big changes in the world. He has kept every promise. We can only be his servants. Hold chazak unto the tree of life! No wind of change will uproot it. Pour mayim chayim into us, living waters. Trees are the longest living organism on the planet. Come to the field here. You will see some that are thousands of years old. Like Israel. It is imminent.

 Ketiva VeChatimah TOVA! Chodesh TOV! Shabbat shalom!

I want to take this opportunity to remind our dear friends that Friends of Itamar appreciate your tzeddakah that help in so many realms here in the literal heart of Israel. TODA RABA for your kindness and enabling us to plant ourselves into the next pages of His promise!

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