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Leah's BlogLeah’s blog Aug 21 2015

Leah’s blog Aug 21 2015


Leah’s blog   August 21 2015

At an important crossroads located in the middle buckle of the Bible belt that runs up and down the mountains of Israel, Tapuach Junction is named after the original township in ancient Israel’s heartlands. Many people travel on the roads that meet there to an hour distance of either Tel Aviv in the west, The Jordan Valley in the east, Jerusalem in the south or the bloc of communities where Itamar is located in Gav Hahar going north. It is so central yet not too known. It can also be a favorite spot for an ambitious terrorist to try and come to murder people as has been in the past and also this week another demon lurching with a knife was put out by the swift reaction of our amazing soldiers.

As a way of life we stand there at this crossing hitching a ride home in the wide space in the road. A hub of traffic can pass if you hit that hour, or sometimes you can feel like the only soul on earth. Yesterday our youngest daughter, Achishena was returning from her job at the occupational center for adults with autism in Jerusalem. She was almost home but not quite, standing in this spot waiting for a ride in. At the bus stop where the terrorist was neutralized, three reporters approached her and began an interview. “Aren’t you afraid to be standing here?” “How long have you lived in this area?” etc….. The answers came as quickly as a first responder. “This is the CENTER of Israel! I’ve lived here my whole life.” “This is home!” “Did you notice how little time it took for you to get here from your office/home?” “Aren’t YOU afraid to live Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, or any place where a missile might hit you or a bus bomber may explode, etc…”….. The little dance between them didn’t last long. In a last attempt to get some kind of story, they asked her if she condemned the murder in the Arab village two weeks ago. “Oh, so first you want me to say I’m a scaredy cat Jew and now you want me to apologize for something I didn’t do!”. Boy did they pick the wrong person. We raise our kids to know and to know the answers. It was a good opportunity for a convergence of ideas there at that meeting place, but that came and went as fast as the speeding cars that passed by.

Israel as a macro is the focal point as it connects all worlds, Europe, Asia and Africa, the absolute key connecting junction of the world. There have been and will be attempts to terrorize us but we feel right at home. No, we are not afraid. Time is flying by as we must continue to pave the way for the traffic of our brothers coming home, over the old roads our fathers set up here as an everlasting inheritance. As east meets west, the world is shrinking and coming closer to the core, the source of blessing, Israel. There is much to do. It’s moving faster now and soon we’ll all be home!

Shabbat Shalom, Leah Goldsmith



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  • Lydia Parra

    Oh to be home. .. During this month of Elul, as I reflect about changes, I pray that I too may be safe back in the land this coming yeast. Thank you dear one

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