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Current EventsItamar’s News Updates May 24th 2019

Itamar’s News Updates May 24th 2019

This week we enjoyed the visit of the Saul, Julia, Leeba, and Esther Erlbaum family from Flushing Queens.

Erlbaum Family

Itamar had a beautiful Lag Baomer celebration despite the extremely hot weather conditions. Ever year there is a special parade in memory of Itamar’s former resident, Matan Zagron HYD, who gave his life when he jumped on a suicide bomber at an Ariel bus stop saving the lives of many. Varda and Benny, Matan’s parents, may they live and be well, have organized a parade every year since the tragic loss of their son Matan HYD.

Lag Ba’omer Day
Lag Ba’omer

As the summer approaches we ask all our dear friends of Itamar to participate in Itamar’s summer camp program. Itamar’s children need your help! We need to raise 18,000 dollars.

A Molotov cocktail was thrown at a car right outside Itamar this week. Thank G-d nobody was hurt. You can see in the picture the Molotov cocktail with a pipe bomb attached to it.



Molotov Cocktail

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson for the week Shabbat Shalom

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