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Itamar News Updates

Mazal tov to the Melet and Zar families on the marriage of Naava and Oz! Naavah and Oz grew up on Itamar and are setting their home in the community. Naavah’s parents were one of the founding families of the community. Her father, Gilad hy”d, was the former security chief of the Shomron and was killed by terrorists in 2001.IMG_9899[1]







Itamar is enjoying an influx of young families – may Hashem continue to bless us with          growth!!995341_1106097476115062_2273021866262406804_n 1937023_1106097502781726_5260116887060409729_n















Read Leah’s blog.













Enjoy the pictures of the Iris Hashomron – grows only in our area!IMG_9793[1]




Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson.



With Pesach knocking on the door, Friends of Itamar, would like to ask our precious friends to respond kindly to our annual Passover appeal. It goes without saying that your assistance is vital for the continued growth and development of Itamar. This year we are focusing on important building projects: A nursery for our precious children, the expansion of our educational campus, and a new soccer field \ basketball court. It goes without saying that these projects require substantial assistance in order to see them to completion. In addition, we will continue to help our farmers, provide assistance for families in need, and recreation for our children and youth. During these difficult times, surrounded by danger on all fronts, safety is first – and we must continue to help strengthen Itamar’s security.

Please read Rabbi Goldsmith’s Passover appeal letter and respond kindly!




Dear Friends,


Spring ushers in a festive time – the hills here are blooming in a plethora of abundant flowers on a green and vibrant landscape. Pesach is here again; we give thanks in experiencing Divine Revelation and freedom to leave exile to becoming a nation, but not just a nation: a light unto the nations through keeping the Torah and living it in Israel.

We are living in miraculous times again as we have been restored to our Land after so long. The customs we had and still do take on a new meaning in the renewal of Israel coming alive. Here in the heartland, on Itamar, we are meeting the challenges we face with practical, on the ground, answers to a prophetic promise through innovation in many realms. We are bringing our ideals into reality, through a hard as nails grip here, deeper into the ground as Israel fights for its very existence. We are here to stay – thanks to you!


Friends of Itamar, a recognized 501c3 has been impacting important facts on the ground through your kindness and generosity for over a decade. It has made us feel strong, secure and thriving. Itamar is considered the vanguard of excellence in education with literally hundreds of students learning and dorming here with us as we raise a new generation of excellent leaders so needed in all aspects of Israeli society. Itamar is a bio-organic forerunner in the new and budding industry of clean green living, providing fresh from the garden/hothouse produce to households all over Israel! In your merit we have been reinforced with enabling newness of strength as well as fruitfulness. The convalescence you have also provided us in hard times of terror have consoled and healed the children and adults here. The meaningfulness of what you are doing supporting us should be making you feel blessed every day!

As you know, a great deal of our resources rely substantially on your tzeddakah. Please consider us again in your Pesach allocations for Maot Chitim. By giving to Friends of Itamar it will enable us to continue our mission of building and safeguarding the land.   Share our website and join Itamar Israel Support Group on Facebook!

This year on Pesach when we ask why is this night different,” “מה נשתנה הלילה הזה מכל הלילותlet’s know WE MADE A DIFFERENCE!

For those interested in helping see this link

Wishing you a happy and healthy Pesach

Warm regards and blessings from Itamar Israel,


Rabbi Moshe Goldsmith


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