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Current EventsItamar News Updates Sep 20 2019

Itamar News Updates Sep 20 2019

We were so happy to receive yet another shipment from Yad Leah this week and will be doing a distribution right in time for the holidays!!! A very very special thanks to all the amazing people that put Israel first in this chesed project!!!


Our yeshiva High School Chitzim welcomed the boys in a grape harvesting venture here in our beautiful vineyards – their help was very much appreciated by Itamar farmers !!! It goes without saying that many of our students come from urban centers in Israel and thrive in the country setting here as they learn about organic clean to the earth methods applied in agriculture here on Itamar.


Rabbi Goldsmith addresses the Yovel group this week blessing them before the New Year and thanking them for their dedication in helping the heartland


Read Leah’s blog

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith;s Torah lesson

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