Itamar News Updates October 4th 2019

We welcomed our dear friend Alan Hirsch, [ the head of the Israel Matzo fund that helps over a thousand families enjoy their Passover holiday], although it wasn;t Passover Alan decided to come to Itamar and bring grape juice and honey for Itamar families in honor of the New Year and to give out pizza to soldiers all over Samaria. Alan is an exceptional example of chesed in so many ways – may Hashem bless him and his family with a beautiful New Year!!!!

We welcomed Eli and Eva Roska from Norway! Two amazing people that have been helping in Indian poverty-stricken areas. They came to show their solidarity with Itamar and to share their interesting research about a special Indian group that is related to the Biblical Laben.

Last week an amazing conference took place in Jerusalem called the 70-nation conference – that focused on the amazing things that are happening all over the world in connection with Israel, the lost tribes and the return to Torah.

The Princess of Camaroon

There are those that have star fruit for a Shehechiyanu and there are those that actually grow them right here on Itamar!!! Picture courtesy of the Stern family – Itamar organic garden.

Enjoy the picture of the crocus growing by the Mediterranean Sea showing that the fall has arrived!

Enjoy the picture of our high school students blessing one another with a happy New Year and Itamar’s Bnai Akiva youth club wishing a happy New Year to the town of Itamar.

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson.

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