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Itamar NewsItamar News Updates October 27th 2017

Itamar News Updates October 27th 2017

The new autumn season on Itamar has brought with it delicious new crops like crunchy sweet snow peas, strawberries, kale, and squash. width=

Back in the early eighties when people were  width=flocking to the urban centers a back to the land movement began to climb in popularity in Israel. For ideological and religious reasons foremost but the ideal of the county life style was like a copy of the earlier pioneers that came to dry the swamps a century before. The normal everyday difficulties of sustaining a living from the land proved challenging indeed Today in Itamar, we garden and raise as much organically grown food as possible but not all the people that live here are farmers. We all cherish the earth.

 width=We had a very special happening on our community this week there was a garden fair where flowers, plants, bulbs, and equipment were sold.  width=Ideas were shared between by professional gardeners that live here. There were activities for the children as well which included painting flower pots and making their own windmills. width=


























Itamar welcomed Mike Clayton and Hanoch Young that brought a group of visitors from USA, Canada and Europe. They had a special treat right here on Itamar when we took them to see Lichchat Haparochet which is a special mission dedicated to the weaving of garments and curtains and other special items all having to do with the restoration of the third temple service. width=






New enterprises are always opening up on Itamar the ofir family have recently moved on to their own homestead they are professional artisan bakers. They built a beautiful taboon where groups can come and enjoy activities of creating freshly baked items with the guidance of the experts. width=

Itamar wants to extend a special thank you to its dear friends Larry and Helen Slavin that have been showing their support to Itamar from many years. width=



Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s Torah lesson for the week

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