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Current EventsItamar News Updates Oct 28th 2016

Itamar News Updates Oct 28th 2016

This past holiday Itamar was blessed with many visitors that came from all over Israel and from outside Israel to experience Succot on Itamar. Itamar’s magnetic force is growing every day. The blessing of the tribal portion of Joseph is no doubt upon us. Joseph’s name comes from the root meaning to gather – the holiday of Succot is called the holiday of the gathering! So many are being gathered together on Itamar. Some of our special guests included, the Weiss family and Dina Rachel from NYC, Jeanette Goldsmith from Jerusalem, Susan Cohen and her family and Jonny Goldsmith and Rachel who just made Aliyah to Israel. Britt Lode and her children came all the way from Norway and many more to spend the holiday with us. img_3411 img_3403 img_35571 img_3413 img_34781 img_34891 img_34641




















Enjoy Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson


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