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Current EventsItamar News Updates Oct 12 2018

Itamar News Updates Oct 12 2018

Mazal Tov to the Ofer and Yael Head on the marriage of their daughter Reyut! width=  width=














Itamar enjoyed the visit of our dear friends Mike Clayton and Chanoch Young who brought a very special group with them to tour Itamar. width=








A tremendous thank you to Cort Mankin and her sewing crew that made beautiful girls dresses for our clothing distribution. Words can’t describe our gratitude of this act of love and kindness. width=  width=
















We also had a small and lovely group that came with our friend Ken Groat. width=





Unfortunately, there has been a rise of terrorist incidents in Israel – with the terrible attack in Barkan that where two precious people were cruelly murdered and another injured. Yesterday, right outside Itamar a soldier and civilian were injured in another attack. Last week there was an attempt by a terrorist to infiltrated Itamar. We want to thank our security team and soldiers for doing their utmost in protecting our residents. width=









Our response to terrorism has always been continued growth and development – Baruch Hashem it is so comforting to see a crane on Itamar as the building of our high school campus continues in full swing! width=

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s latest Torah lesson for the week – on Noah

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