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GeneralItamar News Updates Nov 6th 2015

Itamar News Updates Nov 6th 2015

Dearest Friends – we want to wish you all a Shabbat Shalom from Itamar – May it be a beautiful and restful Shabbat – may it bring a blessing of peace, tranquility, and spiritual uplift to your home.shabbat shalom
















Emergency appeal: The Itamar security fence needs be raised with barbed wire. Although, we completed part of the project, we lack the funds to finish it. Unfortunately, the terrorists that infiltrated Itamar and massacred the Fogel family were able to get over our security fence because it lacked a barbwire overlay. The cost of the project which includes the furnishing of two lookout stations with electricity is approximately 15,000 dollars. If all our dear friends pitch in a little bit we can get this done very quickly. It means saving lives! Enclosed is a picture published by our enemies how they are watching every move me make. The picture is taken through the sites of their binoculars. IMG_6844[1] Please help us!

It is important to stress the fact that we have other security needs that are vital to our community’s safety as well, which includes the purchase of a new thermal cameras. Nevertheless, at this time we want to focus on the above project that is easily attainable and will make a great improvement in our security. Again, please help us! You can make a difference.









This week a memorial service IMG_6822[1]was held for our dear resident Matan Zagron HYD that was killed years back in Ariel when he jumped on a suicide terrorist bomber at a crowded bus stop. Matan was a brave young army officer, the first officer of the young generation of Itamar. His parents Benny and Varda Zagron have set up a beautiful picnic area with a breathtaking view of the hills and valleys of Shomron called Mitzpeh Matan. IMG_6808[1]Friends of Itamar want to help continue developing this memorial site.IMG_6803[1]
























Special thanks to Jessica Katz on another shipment of clothes for the residents of Itamar. The winter coats and warm clothing came exactly at the right time!IMG_6873[1] May Hashem bless her and her organization Yad leah for this awesome endeavor.

Please see the link to Leah’s Torah on Chayeh Sarah 2011

Watch Rabbi Goldsmith’s new Torah lesson for the week. Read his essay on the subject.


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