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Current EventsItamar News Updates Nov 29th 2019

Itamar News Updates Nov 29th 2019

We were so happy to take part in a sharing of views with the faculty and student body of NYU


Robin Ticker an outspoken activist from Brooklyn NY came to recharge her batteries here in the heart of Eretz Yisrael with us on Itamar. May Hashem continue to bless her with much Koach. We also enjoyed the visit of our dear friend from Denmark/ Sweden Neils Hanson who came to work on the community for a few days.


Yad Leah continues to show us with the best quality clothing. May all of those involved with this most important mission of clothing gmach chesed distribution, super headed by Jessica Katz and Karen Thaler, feel blessed beyond any boundary.


Friends of Itamar continues to bless Itamar’s town with new projects all the time in so many different areas. We are happy to tell you about some them that are in full swing – the expansion of our community center, the building of a hub with multiple office stations that will allow job opportunities for the community, the construction of a youth and visitors center, the building of a recreation center on one of our hilltops, and the help of Itamar’s educational institutions. In addition, we are supporting our farmers and helping families in financial distress and strengthening our towns security. We would not be able to accomplish this important mission without your kind assistance – thank you Friends of Itamar.

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