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Current EventsItamar News Updates Nov 22 2019

Itamar News Updates Nov 22 2019

We continue to be blessed with visitors we enjoyed the visit of our dear friend Anita Zbaren! Anita loves to bring clothes helping out the Itamar Gmach. May Hashem bless her for her love and kindness.


As we approach the month of Kislev the time of the festival of lights the olive harvest is coming to an end with a very blessed year of bounty! On Itamar we have an olive press where people come from all over Samaria with their yield to have olive oil made.


The Itamar olive press also has a flour mill!

Rabbi Goldsmith gave and important lecture on the lost tribes of Israel showing how important it is for our future.



<p>A group from Tennessee enjoying a meal at one of Itamar’s special places the petting zoo farm! </p>

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Watch Rabbi Goldsmith Torah lesson Shabbat shalom

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